Noire Ô Naturel - Purifying Shampoo Première Mousse
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Noire Ô Naturel

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Composée de beurres végétaux inspirés des rituels de beauté africaines, la Crème de shampoing Noire Ô Naturel est un co-wash démêlant. Ce soin lavant doux à la texture crémeuse redéfinit les boucles.

Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - Hair Milk Hair BB Cream

Noire Ô Naturel

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Le masque capillaire naturel certifié bio Noire Ô Naturel est LE must-have pour les cheveux secs, ternes et cassants. Ses ingrédients réparent et nourrissent.
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Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - Shampoo Bar Amour de Tortilles

Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - Nourishing Soap Bar Nuage de Coco

Noire Ô Naturel

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Cette synergie d’huiles capillaire est composée d’huiles très convoitées dans la pharmacopée africaine. Notamment huiles de mongogo, karité, santal ou ylang-ylang.

Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - Child Routine PACK - 3 products

Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - Essential First Mousse PACK - 4 products
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Noire Ô Naturel

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Noire Ô Naturel - PACK L'Essentiel Crème de Shampoing - 4 produits
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Noire Ô Naturel

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Black O Natural

Noire Ô Naturel is an essential French brand on the ethnic biocosmetics scene. Based on the observation that organic cosmetics offers were very limited for black and mixed-race women, Fétia Van Hecke created her own cosmetics brand. Its commitment to promoting black beauty leads it to offer products with plant compositions adapted to the specific needs of black, mixed-race skin and frizzy, curly and locks hair. Noire Ô Naturel benefits from the Ecocert organic cosmetics label, manufactures its products in France with ingredients from Afro-Caribbean biodiversity and prioritizes ecological packaging. If you are looking for organic care, based on natural ingredients and also via a “blackowned business”, take a look at Noire Ô Naturel!

Noire Ô Naturel, a natural and committed brand for the care of frizzy hair

Noire Ô Naturel was created in 2011. At that time, there were very few organic hair care products for frizzy hair. Fétia Van Hecke wishes to make a long-term commitment to more ethical black and mixed-race cosmetics, oriented towards naturalness and ecology without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Made in France, Noire Ô Naturel skincare products benefit from unique know-how to create products whose consistent quality has become a real guarantee of trust for its loyal and new customers. The design of Noire Ô Naturel products follows a strict process in order to meet current cosmetic standards while innovating with original and natural formulas: 95% of the ingredients are of plant origin.

Noire Ô Naturel takes care of frizzy hair in all its forms! In afro or locks, a single message is advocated: respect for natural frizzy hair and its original beauty. Clearly positioned for the promotion of natural black beauty, Fétia Van Hecke offers us a range of products that highlight black skin and frizzy hair. She thus develops body care, hair oils, shampoos and vegetable butters, drawing inspiration from Afro-Caribbean plants.

The benefits of Noire Ô Naturel products

By putting naturalness at the heart of its formulas, Noire Ô Naturel brings many benefits to your frizzy or curly hair and to your skin. Each ingredient has been rigorously selected so that its moisturizing, restructuring and protective properties come together in perfect symbiosis in a formula specially designed for natural hair. Synergy of oil, a Noire Ô Naturel product is therefore a real concentrate of effectiveness to nourish, soften and beautify your skin and your frizzy and curly hair.

To develop its hair care and cosmetics, Noire Ô Naturel is inspired by nature and more specifically by the Afro-Caribbean flora, with plant active ingredients known for their benefits on frizzy and curly hair: Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Oil of castor, Mongongo and Mango butter.

Cocoa butter, present in the Noire Ô Naturel formulas, is known for its nourishing and protective properties which help the hair to preserve hydration. Also used on the skin, it makes it more supple and helps reduce spots and scars. Mongongo butter is equally beneficial to the health of your frizzy and curly hair thanks to its ability to protect the hair from UV rays while providing hydration and repair to dry and damaged hair.

How to choose care for your curly hair?

The range of Noire Ô Naturel products is unique. The range includes proven effectiveness on all hair textures and types. Whether your texture is frizzy or curly, whether your hair is dry or perfectly healthy, you can use all the Noire Ô Naturel hair care products and see your hair benefit from nutrition and protection that enhances its natural beauty.

For a successful Black Ô Natural routine, you need four products: a gentle cleansing treatment , a mask , a hair milk and an oil. This minimalist routine gives your hair everything it needs: eliminating impurities, deep nourishment, enhancement of your curls and lasting protection. You can tailor the amount and application of each product to suit your hair needs.

Noire Ô Naturel is also a range for children , also Ecocert certified, that is to say, without GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, dyes or synthetic fragrances. You can apply Noire Ô Naturel cares in peace on your little ones and thus teach them the importance of taking care of their frizzy and curly hair.