Le Shampoing Purifant Aloé Locks d'Easy Pouss a été spécialement formulé pour un nettoyer parfaitement mais aussi détoxifier vos cheveux comme votre cuir chevelu.

Easy Pouss

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Obia Naturals - Legendary 4-in-1 Cleansing Bar
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Obia Naturals

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Care for washing black / mixed race men's hair

Afro hair is naturally dry and therefore more fragile and brittle.

This is why they need a suitable shampoo, respectful of their hair type. Solid or liquid, choose the one you prefer... and above all remember that your hair does not need to be washed every day, on the contrary (too frequent washing dries it out, which ends up damaging it and generating baldness...)

After shampooing, remember to rehydrate your hair with a conditioner with or without rinsing (leave-in conditioner). It is important to keep the hair well hydrated.