D-Lab - Food Supplement - Absolu de Keratine - 3 months

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Your hair is damaged, fragile ? You have recently undergone (or have recently undergone) brushing, coloring, straightening or other chemical treatments ? You are losing a lot of hair or are looking to seriously boost their growth ?

This D-Lab Absolu de Keratine food supplement could be of a precious help.

Repair your hair, prevent hair loss and boost growth with D-Lab's French-made food supplements made from natural ingredients.

Contents = 84 capsules for a recommended duration of 3 months (see corresponding box).

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Made in France

Pourquoi utiliser ce complément alimentaire ?

En effet, naturellement synthétisée par l'organisme, la kératine est un constituant majeur de la fibre capillaire. Elle agit comme un véritable ciment sur vos cheveux.

Ainsi, grâce à son apport très élevé en kératine biodisponible, le Absolu de Kératine aide votre organisme à réparer les cheveux les plus abimés. Il reconstruit en profondeur, restructurant la fibre capillaire via des micro-soudures de kératine. Les brèches sont colmatées, les écailles lissées et le cheveu gainé sur toute sa longueur.

Résultats envisageables ?

  • Des cheveux plus beaux (éclat, brillance naturelle et volume) - constaté sur 80% du panel *
  • Des cheveux renforcés, une diminution de la chute - constaté sur 70% du panel *

* Étude Clinique menée sur un échantillon de 20 femmes aux cheveux fragilisés, abîmés ou stressés, qui ont consommé de la kératine soluble pendant 90 jours.

The Keratin Absolute can be used as a cure of 1 or 2 months to energize your hair.

However, you must consider a cure of 3 consecutive months to obtain significant results on your hair fiber and on the growth.

Dosage: 1 tablet; per day, at the time that suits you (during or outside meals).

makes it possible to combine this cure with the Growth Booster from D-Lab.

Only Keratin in high dose (protein that acts as a cement of the hair fiber): 420mg of Cynatin.

The capsules are of vegetable origin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very effective!

Damaged transitional hair with fallout and brittle nails. I had to find a solution quickly. Using D-Lab Keratine for 4 months and I'm delighted. My hair is much stronger and less hair in the shower. I who am a fan of false nails, I no longer need them. It works wonders on the nails in a very short time. I highly recommend it.

Djamila M.
Very fast delivery

Pleased with the speed of delivery. Now I am waiting to give you feedback on the effectiveness of the capsules

Chris P.
absolute keratin

Quality product that brings results after a minimum of one month. 2 cures per year is the best, your hair will thank you!


I am very satisfied with my 3-month treatment (which I am renewing by the way!) My hair no longer falls out and is no longer brittle. I also regained volume.


I did not buy it on the colorfulBlack site but on the official D-lab nutricosmetics site. I combined the "keratin absolute" dietary supplement and the "growth booster" dietary supplement. My hair grew 1.5 cm per month in 3 months of treatment. It was stronger, fuller, I practically didn't lose my hair at all when I untangled it. (Afterwards I naturally don't lose any hair apart from 4 to 6 twigs of hair when I untangle them. I've never had a big hair loss). On the other hand, my big problem, I don't know why, my hair doesn't grow towards my temples, it's very sparse. Thanks to this dietary supplement treatment, I had baby hair growing in front of all curly hair. Frankly they are expensive but it is really worth buying them!

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