Kanité - Beard brush without handle

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Get a perfectly disciplined beard with Kanité 's Beard Brush!

With an oiled pear wood base and cactus fiber bristles, this 100% natural vegan brush is highly effective.

Suitable for all beards, from the shortest to the longest, Kanité's Beard Brush will detangle, smooth and shape your beard.

Combined with Douceur de Male Beard Balm , it reveals all of its styling power. Disciplined, shiny, your beard shows its best side!

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Handcrafted quality

Looking for the perfect accessory to style your rebellious beard? Test theBrass brush beardbyKanité, you will quickly be won over by its quality. Brush your beard daily with this beard brush. dense bristles, ideal for hiding holes and exfoliating the skin in depth.

By using this brush frequently, even daily, you reduce the problems of irritation and itching due to ingrown hairs. By boosting blood flow, the toothbrush; beard promotes better cell regeneration of the epidermis and elimination of dead skin. Your beard can then flourish on healthy skin and you can achieve the style of your dreams more easily. Beard Kanité is easy to maintain. transport thanks to; its small format which also favors a good grip. Cactus fiber bristles are strong and durable to go through. through the thickest beards. Pleasant in the hand, the oiled pear wood base is particularly aesthetic.

Ethical brand, Kanité manufactures its accessories with materials from sustainable crops in a concern for respect of the environment.

Brush your beard morning and/or evening with the Brosse à agrave; beardbyKanité.

Use a vigorous gesture to reach the skin under the beard and thus have a real exfoliating and toning effect.

À combine with the excellent balm Kanité La Douceur du Mâle for a perfect finish and a well-nourished beard.

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