Les Secrets de Loly - Detangling Brush

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Discover the Les Secrets de Loly brush!

A unique brush, equipped with ultra-flexible teeth and a soft cushion for gentle detangling, in 5 minutes flat! This brush for frizzy and curly hair quickly detangles hair while protecting it from breakage. Your curls are defined, without knots.

With the LSL Brush , the Les Secrets de Loly brand has created a real must-have! Intended for detangling frizzy and curly hair, it is made up of very flexible pins, of optimal length, specially designed to overcome the most stubborn knots!

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Untangling is often a long and sometimes unpleasant step, especially for toddlers! With the LSL brush you remove tangles and get frizz-free curls thanks to the a soft cushion in antistatic rubber.

Practical with its stained wooden handle. in a pretty pink, the LSL brush is made to last.

The grip is easy and helps to clean your hair. easily detangle frizzy hair. This brush for Afro and mixed race hair works at marvelous with the Pink Paradise conditioner from Secrets de Loly. This combo guarantees complete detangling and without breaking the hair, in 5 minutes flat.

Brush details:LSL :

  • Ultra-soft nylon bristles: for gentle detangling without force
  • Maple wood handle: ensures a solid grip
  • Rubber cushion: to smooth the hair and facilitate detangling
  • Semi-round shape
  • Antistatic treatment
  • 6 rows of detangling strands: suitable for all types of textures, curly, frizzy or creased. stinks

The Les Secrets de Loly brush can be used on wet or damp hair, preferably with a detangling treatment or a conditioner.

1) Apply the Pink Paradise conditioner.
2) Separate your hair into several sections according to the density. of your hair.
3 Detangle from ends to roots so as not to break the hair. 

  • Maple wood neck for more resistance.
  • Washable resistant removable structure.
  • Soft nylon strands.
  • Rubber cushion.
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Customer Reviews

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laetitia lt
top brush

This is my son's favorite brush.

Batouly M.

Loly's Secrets - Detangling Brush

Rimen M.

Causes more breakage. Even having unraveled before

Alison L.

Loly's Secrets - Detangling Brush

Nardy A.

Finally a brush that doesn't get stuck in your hair 😂

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