Madam President - Resolution n°4 - Elixir Booster (roll-on)

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Resolution n°4 Elixir Booster is particularly indicated if you suffer from baldness at the temples or edges.

In fact, this care Madam President will actively stimulate the growth of baby hair. You will particularly appreciate its "roll-on" system, with a ball that allows you to apply the right amount of product while activating the blood microcirculation of the scalp.

The exclusive "Capillum Fortis" complex boosts hair growth and increases hair density thanks to a synergy of highly concentrated active ingredients. It is composed of active ingredients, Hairgenyl, Kapilarine, cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia.

98.8% natural ingredients.

If you want to promote growth on the entire scalp Resolution n°4 will do the job perfectly... but it could be more judicious and economical to combine it with the famous Resolution n°3 (more generous format for use on the entire scalp).

Capacity = 10ml

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Resolution n°4 Use twice a day (morning and evening), for a cure of at least 8 weeks.

  1. Apply the Elixir Booster roll-on in circular motions to the scalp, paying particular attention to the temples (baby hair).
  2. Do not rinse.

For better results ;results again, do not hesitate to combine Resolution n°4 with the serumResolution n°3 (in this case you can use the serum on all scalp and dedicate the roll-on to the border/temple area)

External use only. Do not apply to irritated skin and avoid the eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. clean water.

Resolution N°4 is not suitable for children under 15 without medical advice.

Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, under medical advice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anne-Félicité M.

Madame La Présidente - Résolution n°4 - Elixir Booster (roll-on)

Cheliel O.
Pas de résultats visibles

Le liquide sent bon mais aucun résultat visible en 2 semaines.
Lorsqu'on applique le roller, on sent la fraiche de la bille et c'est assez agréable.
A suivre...

Ketty S.
Elixir booster

Je n'ai pas encore terminé le traitement, mais des petits cheveux commencent à faire leurs apparitions.
Je commanderai ce produit à nouveau.
Seul bémol : on a l'impression que le produit ne sort pas de la bille du roller, on ne sent ou ne voit pas si les tempes sont mouillées.
L'odeur est agréable. Je continuerai ce traitement jusqu'à entière satisfaction.