Mango Butterfull - Mango High - Artisanal mango whipped cream

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Melt for the Mango High Mango Chantilly from Mango Butterfull ! A light texture obtained by whipping mango butter, hemp oil, avocado and Chébé powder.

Formulated to promote growth, this gourmet whipped cream is an ultra-nourishing treatment, rich in vegetable and mineral proteins thanks to the addition of spirulina.

Multi-use, Mango Butterfull Mango High Mango Chantilly is applied to the body and hair.

2 capacities to choose from:

  • 100g
  • 250g
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    Black Owned Business
    Handcrafted quality
    Made in France

    Cosmetic whipped cream? Mango Butterfull whets your appetite with Mango High Mango Chantilly! This hair care has a creamy texture that melts on your skin and hair to intensely nourish them.

    The composition of Chantilly de Mango Mango High from< strong> Mango Butterfull is just as delicious as its name:

    • Mango Butter: softens hair, adds shine and prevents the appearance of split ends .
    • Avocado Oil: protects and repairs the hair fiber
    • Spirulina: contains a high rate of protein to repair and protect long hair and boost its elasticity.
    • Amla: stimulates the hair roots, boosts growth and reduces hair loss.
    • Bhringaraj leaf extract: known to reduce hair loss and slow the appearance of white hair.

    The secret ingredient of the rangeMango High from Mango Butterfull, it’s the powder of Chébé ! Used by Chadian women, this 100% vegetable powder protects the hair to preserve its full length. The Chantilly de Mangue Mango Highby Mango Butterfull is therefore particularly recommended for long, dehydrated hair that loses volume and elasticity. elasticity.

    You can also use Mango High Mango Chantilly from Mango Butterfull as a body butter. It melts into the skin and leaves it supple and satiny.

    For curly hair frizzy:

    • Use Mango Whipped Cream to seal in moisture.

    For dreadlocks and braids:

    • A pre-shampoo treatment to nourish locks and braids.

    For curly hair:

    • Use Mango Chantilly on clean, damp hair.
    • Apply a small amount, in sections.

    Mangifera indica seeds, cannabis sativa seed oil, persea gratissima oil, ricinus communis, olea europea fruit oil, Shébé seeds, Mahllaba soubiane" seeds, "Missic" stone to scent, Cloves - "Samour" resin, spirulina maxima powder, Emblica officinalis, Eclipta alba extract, Bacopa monnieri extract, Cera flava, aqua, aloe will see, honey, glycerin, perfume, tocopherol

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    Customer Reviews

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    Celine S.-.a.
    Plus du beurre que de la chantilly

    Dommage, ayant déjà un beurre d’une autre gamme de cette marque ainsi que plusieurs chantilly, je pense qu’il y a eu une erreur et une personne à mis la texture beurre de ce pot… mais bon ça fait quand même le job, même si je voulais de la chantilly


    Je l'utilise pour sceller l'hydratation de mes cheveux, et je suis vraiment satisfaite :)

    J’aime beaucoup ce produit

    Avec cette chantilly, mes cheveux sont magnifiques. Hyper nourrissant sur la peau. Je suis vraiment très satisfaite.