PuffCuff - Micro Pack (Hair Clamps) - Set of 5

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Gone are the rubber bands, bobby pins and other clips! The PuffCuff is the must-have accessory to achieve perfect afro puffs without damaging your hair! This ring is available in black or transparent and in four sizes.

Buns, afro puffs, fro-hawks and other hairstyles are easily achieved with this unique clip.

A useful accessory for the whole family!

We offer here the Micro version, which as the name suggests is the smallest of the PuffCuff family. It is ideal for small "puffs" or ponytails, especially for the youngest.

The PuffCuff Micro has a diameter of 1.5 inches  (3.8cm).

Not suitable for wavy hair

5-piece set (Made in USA)
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Let your imagination run wild and vary hairstyles without limits with the PuffCuff. This serrated ring is a real innovation and can be used on curly hair to; frizzy to achieve your favorite hairstyles:

  • Chignons
  • Afro Puffs
  • Fro- hawks

Available in four sizes, the PuffCuff fits both adults and children. It is ideal for achieving protective styles. Its main advantage: it protects hair from breakage! Elastics and bobby pins can damage the hair by exerting tension on both the lengths and the roots.

With the PuffCuff, your bun holds perfectly, without tension and without causing breakage. Indeed, the small teeth of the PuffCuff ensure that your hairstyles hold perfectly, without causing discomfort. Closed by a system of small hooks, the Puff Cuff is easy to wear. install and remove. It doesn’t get tangled in the hair like some elastics.

You can style your children’s hair easily and without difficulty thanks to the PuffCuff Junior, Mini or Micro size. Vary the styles and have fun with puffs of different sizes to create an original look. The PuffCuff can also be used on braided hair, with twists or even locks.

here is the Puff Cuff "Micro", which is 1.5 inches in diameter (about 3.8cm) and offers a set of 5 rings.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions for using the PuffCuff for best results:

  1. Dampen the hair.
  2. Tuck the hair in one hand.
  3. Place the PuffCuff with the other.
  4. Close the PuffCuff >.

In the "Video" tab we offer a tutorial made by Ceata Lash, the creator of PuffCuff. This is often the best way to understand! 

Important details:

Markings may appear on ; the surface of your PuffCuff. No worries! These marks are not scratches. They are what are called "flow lines", waves that can appear during the molding of plastic (PuffCuff produced in a relatively artisanal way in the United States).< /em>

This does not affect the PuffCuff in any way or its lifespan. In fact, it would almost make it a collector's item... an even more unique accessory!

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