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Extremely effective and 100% natural, the Bio 5 Anti-Hairloss Food Supplement from Laboratoires Science et Équilibre helps you fight against hairloss, strengthens and boosts growth.

It is suited for:

  • Men who have suffered for years from abnormal hair loss
  • Women following childbirth (and after breastfeeding)
  • After a hormonal or medicinal treatment
  • Women who have seen their hair begin to thin out, fall and lose volume at the time of menopause

People with a family history of alopecia and who want to take preventive action.

1 bottle = 3 months cure

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Made in France

The BIO 5 anti-hair loss food supplement from Laboratoires Science et ÉEquilibre is the first certified French anti-hair loss product. Organic Agriculture (AB) guaranteeing purity natural active ingredients.

It is intended for to regulate and normalize normal physiological functions and not radically transform them, which is the function of the drug. It therefore represents a 100% natural alternative. It will regulate:

  • excess 5-alpha reductase and SHBG, responsible for abnormal hair loss in many people;
  • vasodilatation (thus promoting optimal irrigation of the hair bulb);
  • the inflammatory reaction characterizing certain forms of alopecia;
  • the formation of excess free radicals;

In addition to its anti-hair loss action, BIO 5 food supplement from Science and É balance will also strengthen the hair with a supply of B group vitamins.

  • Duration of Treatment. We advise you to consider:
  1. A first attack treatment of 6 months, which can start at any time of the year,
  2. then to continue with 2 cures of 3 months per year, if possible in the spring and at the end of the year. fall.

You will get long-lasting results, without the hassle of permanent treatment.

  • Dosage:

Thanks to a complex manufacturing protocol, the dosage is reduced to only 1 tablet daily, while maintaining the right dose of active ingredients (300 mg of nettle, 200 mg of willowherb). Proposed supplement in the form of a vegetable pill box containing 90 tablets, i.e. 3 months of treatment. This presentation will never give you the unpleasant impression of swallowing medicine.

We advise you to combine it with the excellent Volumizing anti-hair loss shampoo-care Bio 5 for even more efficiency.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Not recommended; pregnant or breastfeeding women. À keep closed, in a dry place.

  • Ingredients for 1 pill:
Extract of aerial part of fireweed* bio (Epilobium angustifolium), Maltodextrin* bio, extract of stinging nettle root* bio (Urtica dioica), syrup of Rice* bio, extract of fruit of Acerola* bio (Malpighia glabra), antiagglomerants: Magnesium carbonate, Calcium citrate, extract of aerial part of Horsetail* bio (Equisetum arvense), extracts of: fruit of Guava* bio (Psidium guajava), leaf of Basil sacred* bio (Ocimum sanctum), bark of Lemon* bio (Citrus limon), oil of Sunflower* bio

*Ingredient from Organic Agriculture. Certified by ECOCERT France FR-BIO-01.
  • Nutritional analysis for 1 pill per day:
Extract of Fireweed (ratio 2/1): 150 Mg (that is to say 300 Mg of ÉQPS**)

Stinging Nettle extract (ratio 4/1): 125 mg (i.e. 500 mg of HPQE**)

Acerola extract: 88.25 mg
of which vitamin C (18 % of the RA***): 15 mg

Horsetail extract (ratio 10/1): 50 mg (i.e. 500 mg of HPQE**)

Extracts of : Guava (16 mg), Basil sacred (4,5 mg) and Lemon (4,5 mg)
of which vitamin B1 (50% of the AR***): 0,55 mg
of which vitamin B2 (35,7 % of the AR***): 0,50 mg
of which vitamin B5 (15,8 % of the AR***): 0,95 mg
of which vitamin B6 (39,3 % of the AR***): 0,55 mg

That is more than 1,400 mg of dry plant equivalent.

** DPE = Dry Plant Equivalent
*** RA = Reference Intake
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