SheaButter Cottage - Raw Shea Butter from Ghana (100g)

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Prized for its versatility, unrefined shea butter (which some call organic) has been used in Africa for many years to combat the effects of the sun and aging.

This pure shea butter is fair trade and produced in Ghana (not melted).

It is an excellent treatment for skin and hair, rich in nutrients and offering a creamy texture. It has been filtered (but not refined) to make it more suitable for making your various hair and/or skin preparations

Shea Butter from the SheaButter Cottage brand offers you exceptional quality.

Glass pot.
Capacity = 100g

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Black Owned Business
Handcrafted quality

Unrefined Shea Butter Sheabutter Cottage is:

  • produced under fair trade,
  • pure (grade A),
  • unbleached
  • undeodorized
  • without any additives

SheaButter Cottage is sourced directly from ;s of the Jilima cooperative which she launched in November 2019. Based in northern Ghana, our purchase ensures that the cooperative/community he receives what is due to him. These people work very hard but unfortunately most of the time the shea producers are paid too low. Some shea producers are paid less than market value.

&Evidently, without knowing the quality shea butter offered, it is difficult to compare.
There are so many different qualities of shea. on the market. Some of them are bought on the market. freely or through cooperatives. Some growers skip the step of selecting the right nuts to produce the butter. with these shea producers to many times. They work long hours under the intense sun of Ghana to produce a 25 kg box of shea.

You should know that the cost of producing a box is about 3 times higher than that required by the buyers (wholesalers).

SheaButter Cottage strongly believes in fair trade and pays to the customer. these producers the amount due to them. The brand also supports them by donating a percentage of each sale made.

100% Butyrospermum parkii

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