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5 idées pour styler ses cheveux afro courts

5 ideas for styling short afro hair

That's it, you've decided to take the leap from the Big Shop ! Or the TWA (“tiny winy afro” or very short afro cut) has been your style of choice for a long time. Even though this style offers a large number of variations, sometimes you can feel a little out of ideas and get tired of its cut. Do not be discouraged ! Colorful Black has some tips for you. Here are our 5 ideas for styling your short afro cut .

A geometric touch to structure the cut

short afro hair

Far from being as simple as it looks, this ultra-technical cut requires above all long-term know-how. But if you have enough precision, we recommend that you equip yourself with a professional mower. You will be able to achieve your fades, gradients and lines with maximum precision. The idea is to create straight lines or following the curves of your head to structure the haircut . This minimalist and very trendy style plays on feminine/masculine codes with subtlety.

Volume games

short curly hair cut

The advantage of this style is that it works on all textures ! Short afro hair often enters a difficult phase when it reaches a length of a few centimeters. Instead of going back to the "mower" box, treat yourself to a cut that plays on the volume . Shorter in the back, longer on the top, or shorter on the sides. This will allow you to maintain your length and have a good base if you want to let your natural hair grow out .

Dare to color!

short frizzy hair color


Is your hair short, almost flush? It's a good time to do some experimenting! That platinum blond or even that flamboyant red you've always dreamed of, this is the perfect opportunity to test them. Indulge yourself by giving way to fantasy. It is easier and faster to color your short afro hair . If you have to go through the “bleaching” box, trust a professional to keep hair as healthy as possible. Remember to adapt your routine with care for colored Afro hair .

Bantu knots or starter locs

bantu knots

These two similar styles, however, have a major difference: commitment! Bantu -knots are formed from fine locks rolled into a mini-bun. This typically African style is now worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Yara Shaidi and Marsai Martin. Its variants are numerous: bantu-knots all over the head, at the end of glued mats, on the front of the head only... Let your imagination run wild!

As for them, the starter-locs represent the beginning of a real capillary adventure. Although this style requires a lot of patience before you get a satisfying result, "baby locs" are really cute.

Jewelry, barrettes, glasses: stock up on accessories!

short frizzy hair

An adjustment period is sometimes necessary after a very short haircut. You can feel a “void” and getting used to your new style sometimes takes time. And even if it is possible to use accessories such as wigs to get over it, the best thing is to learn to love this new style. Chunky jewelry like hoops are must-haves. Glasses are also a good choice and there are some without prescription to enjoy the style without a medical prescription!

Makeup will also be your best friend to make you look glamorous and appreciate your reflection in the mirror. Our Flori Roberts makeup selection includes everything you need, from foundation and mascara to blush and eye shadow.

You can add all possible accessories, colors or cuts but your best asset will be to fully assume your short cut. Self -confidence sublimates all styles ! Today being feminine is no longer defined by a hair style. All cuts, lengths and textures are honored. Colorful Black encourages you to show off your short afro cut by following our advice or using your creativity!

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