Colorful Black - Satin Pillowcase - Square (65 x 65cm)

Colorful Black

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Colorful Black - Satin Pillowcase - Rectangle (50 x 70cm)

Colorful Black

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The square satin pillowcase (65x65cm) by Colorful Black

A silent and discreet enemy, your pillow can cause breakage and dryness without raising any suspicion. With a cotton pillowcase, the natural hydration of the hair is not maintained and friction weakens the hair fiber. A solution can be a hat or turban but if you prefer to let your hair breathe at night, the satin pillowcase is the accessory for you!

How does satin protect my hair from breakage?

Satin has a smooth, low-abrasive surface, unlike cotton. It is this softness which considerably limits the phenomenon of friction and thus preserves your hair from breakage. Not very absorbent, satin helps you maintain hydrated hair by promoting better retention of naturally present oils. You notice as soon as you wake up a feeling of softness to the touch and a reduction in the disheveled effect of the morning!

What are the benefits of a satin pillowcase for afro hair?

Having a satin pillowcase is great for several reasons: Reduces breakage Reduces frizz Offers a feeling of freshness Minimizes the appearance of fine lines Because yes, the satin pillowcase is beneficial for your hair and your skin ! Satin is a very soft material, with a shiny appearance. Composed of natural (cotton, linen, silk, etc.) or synthetic materials, satin is a preferred fabric for nightwear as well as for bed linen. Having a satin pillowcase is above all pleasant and comfortable on a daily basis. But when we look at the benefits on our hair and skin, the satin pillowcase becomes a real beauty accessory.

How are Colorful Black's satin pillowcases made?

In an artisanal way and with the heart! We start by selecting quality fabrics to bring you complete satisfaction. Then we proceed to the assembly of the pillowcases. Each pillowcase is hand sewn to meet our quality standards. Our pillowcases are therefore homemade and made in France of course! In order to best meet your requests, we have extended the choice of colors and now offer our satin pillowcases in thirteen colours. Match your pillowcases to your decor! The satin pillowcase is a real must-have for afro hair care. We have chosen to make these pillowcases ourselves because we want to offer the best possible quality to our customers and at an affordable price. Our products guarantee you many nights of sleep in complete serenity!