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Shipping costs and protection of your parcels

For the sake of transparency, know that, without even counting the packaging and staff costs, the simple sending of a small package costs us almost the lump sum of €4.99.

We would like it to be otherwise, but the transport service is more and more expensive each year... and we always favor the most reliable service providers (therefore not the least expensive).

In concrete terms, on the vast majority of orders placed, you only pay part of the actual shipping costs.

The margin generated on an order below a certain amount (currently free of charge set at €60 for mainland France) is unfortunately not sufficient to offer you the shipping costs.

On the other hand, we encourage you to favor large orders in order to quickly reach the free threshold and reduce the number of shipments and therefore packaging. This enables cost optimization and reduced environmental impact.

With each delivery, Colorful Black makes every effort to ensure speed and efficiency. We have chosen a premium quality of service which consists of:

  1. Deliver as quickly as possible with continuous monitoring

    For all orders placed before 1 p.m. Monday to Friday, except in exceptional cases, the package is shipped the same day. In general, upon receipt of your order, we immediately prepare your package. Delivery page .

  2. Ensure strong conditioning

    For an intact delivery of your often fragile products, we carry out a meticulous packaging of your articles with attention paid to the level of the openings (pump bottles, tubes, pots and others) in order to consolidate their tightness.

    Added to this are elements that prevent collisions between them. Finally, the delivery box is solid, ecological and recyclable, moreover it is closed by means of a security seal.

    If, despite all the care given to your package, items should arrive damaged, please take as many photos as possible, including a photo of the packaging and the carrier's label (the one showing the package number and your coordinates) then to contact us.

    These elements will allow us to open a file for transport damage with the service provider and to quickly find an after-sales service solution with you. Contact form .

  3. Secure the receipt of the package against signature

    Third step and not the least, Colorful ensures the good reception of your package through reliable shipping thanks to the mandatory counter-signature (except for small packages).

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