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The conditioner allows you to rehydrate the hair that has been more or less dried out by the washing agents of the shampoo. Its exposure time is generally 2/3 minutes. Some conditioners may not even be rinsed out (leave-in), the latter intervene at the styling stage and serve as a moisturizing base. As far as rinse-out conditioners are concerned, we offer a selection of moisturizing conditioners , otherwise known as classics, as well as repairing conditioners aimed at repairing your hair (protein) or even anti-dandruff conditioners to treat dandruff. But to choose your conditioner, pay attention to your curly hair: is it rather dry? Lacking vigor? Do you notice a significant drop? Do you have colored hair? All these criteria will certainly help you to choose the ideal conditioner for your frizzy, curly, frizzy hair.

Why use conditioner for curly hair?

After using a shampoo and washing your hair, it is essential to use a conditioner (or conditioner). The primary function of the conditioner is to return the hair to its original pH and to soften it to facilitate detangling. Your curly hair conditioner will also help create a protective barrier to prevent damage from friction and the environment (cold, wind, sun). It is therefore a particularly important product to use in both summer and winter. Finally, the conditioner is a real care for your hair. Often enriched with vegetable oils such as avocado or sweet almond oil, it helps your curly hair to stay hydrated and nourished. Lighter than a mask, the conditioner is quick to use and easy to rinse off. Our range of conditioners is varied and allows you to find the right treatment for your hair type. Want to enjoy flawless curl definition for longer? The conditioner is also your ally to accomplish this mission thanks to its antistatic function. This keeps your curls bouncy, frizz-free.

How do I choose the right curly hair conditioner for my needs?

Your hair routine must be composed of products adapted to the needs of your hair to obtain beautiful curls. There are several types of conditioner. Moisturizing & detangling conditioner: these treatments are composed of ingredients that promote better hydration of your hair. They help your hair retain more water and for longer. With their ultra-slippery textures, the moisturizing and detangling conditioners target their action on knots in order to gently remove them. A benefit for your hair which avoids excessive traction and breakage caused by too vigorous detangling. Protein conditioner: if your hair is fragile and brittle, it may be suffering from a lack of protein. This type of treatment acts as a real repairing and protective agent for your curly hair. Anti-dandruff conditioner: perfectly suited for scalp irritation.

When and how to apply the conditioner?

Most conditioners work to their full potential when applied to clean, wet hair, i.e. immediately after rinsing out the shampoo to provide it with the moisture it needs. This moisturizing and nourishing action can meet your hair's needs to make it softer, shinier and easier to detangle. The classic way to use conditioner for curly hair is as follows: 1- Always apply your conditioner to wet hair. 2- Leave the product on for the time indicated by the instructions. This time can vary from one to several minutes depending on the conditioner you use. 3- Detangle your hair when wet and saturated with conditioner. This promotes easier detangling. 4- Use a brush suitable for detangling wet hair to reduce breakage as much as possible. 5- Rinse out your conditioner completely before styling.

Conditioner is a key part of your hair routine. It takes care of your curly hair, in just a few minutes! Why do without it? We have selected for you conditioners with formulas perfectly adapted to your texture to obtain a better definition of the curls.

Our range of organic conditioners for curly hair

If you prefer to favor natural care, we offer a selection of organic conditioners. Their formulas based on ingredients of plant origin will gently take care of your hair while protecting you from the risks associated with certain chemical agents. Examples include the Pink Paradise conditioner from Les Secrets de Loly , Babassu Detangling Conditioner from Obia Naturals , Protect My Hair from Kalia Nature, among others.

Effectively hydrate, nourish and detangle with our conditioners for curly and frizzy hair.

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  • Salon de coiffure Colorful Black

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