Individual support by teleconsultation - 3-month formula

520 €
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Tired of setting up hair routines that don't work? To invest in products that are not suitable? And find yourself wondering what to do with your hair?

If you answer yes to these questions, don't waste any more time, get support! Treat yourself to the expertise of Anna, founder of Colorful Black, to understand and take care of your hair once and for all.

In the program :

  • Learning to accept yourself : the starting point of everything
  • Understand the fundamentals of hair : fiber and hair cycle among others
  • Get concrete feedback on your habits : what is good to keep and what is good to review
  • Obtain evolutionary practical advice : month 1 = exploration, month 2 = stability, month 3 = flight
  • Become autonomous in the maintenance of your hair : includes the definition of your personalized hair routine


NB: after payment, please reserve your support period on 01 42 36 54 14

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    Following this personalized individual support means investing in yourself and learning from it for life.
    Take advantage of Anna’s expertise and unique approach.

    • A fresh approach. Anna tells us that our hair is a plant and that "frizzy hair is not originally dry, it becomes so".
    • A scientific approach. It is important to know the basics of hair (composition of our hair fiber and understanding of growth phases, among other things)
    • A holistic approach. Anna tells us that everything is linked. and that "our outer beauty is the reflection of our inner".
    • A concrete approach. Thanks to; evolving practical advice that leads to the Holy Grail of defining your hair routine.
    • A sustainable approach. À At the end of this support, you will be autonomous in the maintenance of your frizzy and curly hair.

    The follow-up will be regular, "like the meals you take during the day and that you don't miss," according to Anna. There are 12 teleconsultations over 3 months, i.e. 4 per month and 1 per week. The accompaniment is broken down as follows:

    1. Month 1 is about exploration: it's about getting to know your hair (its nature, the textures of products that suit it well ...)
    2. Month 2 says stability: here we take the time to set up, to anchor your hair routine
    3. Month 3 speaks of flight: towards a guided autonomy where; you will be armed enough to undertake the path alone

    "Your hair is a plant", Anna tells us in this beautiful comparison, and this plant dreamed of it will shine in all its glory when you learn and understand how to take good care of it.

    So which plant will you be?

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