Express hair coaching - 30 minutes

80 €
Price without tax : 66,67 €

Does the concept of a hair routine mean anything to you? Do you think you know what it's all about or do you admit that you don't? Are you still dissatisfied with the products you use? Are you shopping around for advice that will really help you?

Sometimes it doesn't take much, and it doesn't take the right person, to get out of the darkness of caring for your hair. The hair routine is a logic to understand and integrate.

Colorful Black offers you 30 minutes of flash hair coaching with its founder Anna, who will use her expertise on kinky and curly hair to reveal to you

  • the steps to follow
  • the secret of the right gestures to adopt
  • as well as an adapted product recommendation

Coaching in shop - with the advantage of product testing - or remotely by videoconference.

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Our hair gets us moving, when it looks its best we do too! So let's give ourselves the means to be well.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Healthy coaching

Here is a welcome new service offered by Anna from Colorful Black ;)
Who does not want/need personalized advice on their hair type, on the care to adopt, in a dedicated place, in the company of an expert who can touch your hair to make its diagnosis and who will test the products in you showing the right things to do! All this while taking the time to listen to you and discuss without being disturbed (after having completed a questionnaire before the meeting to know your "hair story").
I am conquered by this coaching but also by the team (especially Cécilia) for the additional information that followed this appointment... because we often have some subsidiary questions :)!
As for the results, they will depend on the starting point of the hair, the perseverance and the patience of each one... Rome was not made in 1 day!
I can only invite you to let yourself be tempted...

A pleasure to exchange with the professional that is Anna

We had an express 30 min appointment but Anna took more than an hour to explain to me the right gestures to adopt and to learn to love my hair.
Our conversation began with active listening. She wanted to get to know me, to know what my hair routine and my habits were.
She then took the time to explain to me the gestures to adopt and learn to love my hair.
Penultimate stage and not the least, the "practice". She tested the products strand by strand on my hair and explained to me how to integrate them and make my hair accept them, an acceptance like silk.
Thanks to Anna who was exceptional. Very professional, she knew how to bring me the answers to the questions I was asking myself and restored my confidence.
I still have to learn for sure but by dint of practice I am convinced that these tips will allow me to adopt and master the right gestures/products to have dream hair ^^
I highly recommend his coaching.
Thank you very much Anna!

A moment for yourself

A very interesting and enriching discussion where Madame Mendy takes the time to get to know our hair routine and our hair well. A real pleasure to be able to ask all our questions both about how to take care of our hair and about hair products! Very practical and wise advice to help us in our hair routine. In short, I highly recommend these express coaching!

Good experience

Anna knew how to meet my expectations. Very passionate person who has the heart to bring us all the information and techniques necessary for our hair. She even helped me find hair products to adopt in my routine.