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Our manifesto

Colorful Black it's a vision

By founding Colorful Black I wanted to honor black and mixed-race beauty in all these colors because they have been forgotten or even neglected for too long. But it is a beauty that is rich in the diversity of its complexions, hair textures and morphologies that it is important to celebrate.

Since the creation of the company in 2009, I have been committed to offering a range of quality and adapted products; adapted to you, your budget, and your convictions (for example if you choose artisanal quality, made in France, Vegan or others).

At Colorful Black you are all welcome: woman, man, non-binary, baby / child. For each of your beauty concerns, we offer you a solution; whether you have dark to light skin, frizzy, curly or even relaxed and straight hair or with extensions. On the question of textured hair, whether natural or not, we will not judge you, on the contrary we invite you to take advantage of its versatility in a responsible and measured way of course in order to preserve the good health of your hair fiber.

Finally, with my team, we are here to advise you. This is our strength because we are passionate, informed and concerned by the subject with a strong desire to share and transmit in order to sublimate the uniqueness of your beauty.


Anne-Marie Mendy (known as Anna), founder of Colorful Black
"International Company" Prize at the AfroCreole Entrepreneurs Trophies (2015)

Created in 2009, Colorful Black first saw the light of day as an online sales site before opening its physical store in the heart of Paris in 2011. Today the e-commerce site serves the international market (France, -sea, Europe) and the Parisian boutique covers almost 100m2.

Our quality offer revolves around 2 product categories. The first category, historical, is that of cosmetics with products for the hair, skin, and make-up. The second category, in development, is that of fashion and accessories where you will find underwear such as girdles, as well as scarves, snoods and soon a capsule collection of ready-to-wear wax. As for accessories, under the Colorful Black brand, we offer for sale hair essentials such as: pillowcases and satin-lined wax caps, brushes, combs, charlottes and heated caps; in addition, there are pouches, tote bags, and even protective masks in washable fabrics with wax prints for adults and children.

As you will have understood, Colorful Black is our story and also yours, that of a French family business on a human scale whose purpose is to meet your needs in terms of offer and advice. And to do this, we are constantly evolving ( discover our journey in detail here ).

The entire family above (Anna, Frédéric and their children)

A big thank-you,

The Colorful Black Team

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