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Comment prendre soin de ses cheveux crépus et bouclés en été ?

How to take care of your frizzy and curly hair in summer?

A special summer routine

Contrary to some popular belief, frizzy or curly hair is not more resistant to the sun and heat!

But then, how to protect your hair during your holidays? We give you some tips and advice for a peaceful summer.

STEP 1: Prevention

To prepare for a stay in the sun or for daily protection, there are ways to avoid damaging your Afro hair in summer. The solution that comes to mind first is to cover them: hat, scarf tied in a turban, there are several trendy ways to protect your hair from UV rays.

If you prefer to leave your hair in the wind, we advise you to adopt a few simple gestures:

  1. Do not expose your colored hair to the sun if you use oils
  2. Make regularly a moisturizing and nourishing mask to prepare the hair
  3. To drink a lot of water
  4. Consume foods rich in carotene (melon, carrots, peppers, apricots) to strengthen hair

With these good bases, you are ready to take the next step on your vacation spot.

STEP 2: The action phase

You are lying on your deckchair, in the sun, listening to the eddies of the waves in the distance... This idyllic setting for you is not necessarily so for your hair! Chlorine, salt, hot wind, sand, your hair can quickly be weakened and become brittle.

The solution ? Regularly moisturize her frizzy hair with a spray of water mixed with an oil of your choice. Coconut oil protects hair from UV rays and is an excellent choice in hot weather. We're going to let you in on a little secret: applying a little bit of conditioner before swimming in the pool does wonders to protect hair from chlorine!

Protective styles are essential to protect your hair in summer. Braids and vanillas help to avoid knots and thus prevent the breakage of hair weakened by heat, sea water or chlorine.

The day is over. Chlorine, salt, sun, how to get rid of all these weakening agents without weakening your curly or frizzy hair?

STEP 3: Nourish and repair your hair in summer

Rule number one in summer : do not shampoo too frequently! Even if it is tempting to want to wash your hair thoroughly every day, it is better to choose a gentle solution to start again on a good basis.

This is where the Co-wash comes into play. With your usual conditioner or with a specific co-wash treatment, it is possible to remove chlorine and salt without shampoo.

The winning method?

  1. Rinse your hair thoroughly
  2. Apply the co-wash of your choice
  3. Pamper your hair more than usual with a deep repair mask

This last step is essential in summer. Just like the cold of winter, the heat weakens the hair which needs an additional supply of nutrients .

We choose a mask according to the porosity of our hair, its density and texture. Color-treated hair will appreciate a mask specially designed for them to keep the color vibrant. And with travel size products, there's no excuse to take care of your hair!

The oil bath is also a good solution to restore hair full of vitality. Be careful to rinse the oil bath well. Exposing yourself to the sun with hair soaked in oil is to risk frying the fiber!

As you will have understood, taking care of your frizzy and curly hair in summer is based on a suitable routine to keep your curls in top shape!

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