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Les locks : une coiffure naturelle !

Locks: a natural hairstyle!

Colorful Black celebrates all the beauties of the diaspora. The locks or "dreadlocks" is a hairstyle based on the winding of the hair strand by strand. Total commitment to naturalness, locks require very special and sometimes complex care and maintenance . How to start locks? What is their symbolism? We disentangle the true from the false in this article.

What is the symbolism of locks?

There are traces of “locks” type hairstyles from Egyptian mummies to the remains of Vikings dating back more than a thousand years. It is therefore a style of hairstyle adopted worldwide for a long time, for practical or aesthetic reasons.

Over time, locks have been equated with spiritual, religious or even political movements. Wearing locks is not trivial because this hairstyle, however widespread in the world, is often the subject of negative connotations. These unfounded stereotypes are all the more false since locks require regular and meticulous maintenance to keep hair healthy and a healthy scalp .

A few celebrities contributed to the popularization of this hairstyle and gave it a symbolism of strength, freedom and determination:

Lauryn Hill wearing locs

Lenny Kravitz

Ava Duvernay and her locks

How to start and maintain your locks?

You can choose different techniques to start your locks:

Freeform Locks:

This is the most natural way to form locks. This technique requires patience and good self-confidence. Indeed, you have to let your hair form locks on their own, without working them by hand . The first months offer a rather uncertain result but with patience you can obtain superb results. It is the natural style in essence because it requires a total absence of manual intervention.

Classic locks:

With a sponge and gel start, twists, vanilla or crochet, this is the most famous style of locks. It allows you to choose the size of your locks and requires monthly maintenance to keep this style intact.

Locks with wicks:

Want the style of locks but not the commitment that goes with it? Opt for temporary locks , made with wicks. Unlike natural locks, it does not allow deep washing of the hair and must therefore be removed after a few weeks to avoid the accumulation of impurities.

On the maintenance side of the locks , it is recommended to go see your favorite "loctician" once a month to get back to the roots. He will form the locks from the root with gel, using a special technique like palmrolling or twisting . You can also do this step at home if you have experience.

To wash locks , one shampoo per week is sufficient. If you want, you can deep clean your locks once or twice a year using an apple cider vinegar bath. 100% natural, this technique helps cleanse the hair to get back on a good footing. On a daily basis, use a serum on the scalp and moisturize your hair with a leave-in treatment.

The Aloe Locks range from Easy Pouss is perfect for maintaining your locks. Based on natural ingredients, this range offers a precision tip, on each practical product to pass between each locks and diffuse the care in a targeted way.

Easy Pouss Aloe Locs range for the care of locs

So no, the locks are not dirty and no, they are not gigantic shaggy knots, quite the contrary. Locks are a true ode to natural hair . Respected, preserved, they grow in a vertiginous way. Are you maintaining or starting your locks? Take a look at our website or in store at 7, rue Poissonnière in Paris!

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