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Kalia Nature - disponible chez Colorful Black

Kalia Nature - available at Colorful Black


Awarded the prize for best leave-in at the Natural Hair Academy in Paris for its Hibiscus Cream.

Kalia Nature is an emerging brand specializing in hair care composed exclusively of natural elements.
Thanks to their varied and quality ingredients, Kalia Nature products are suitable for young and old alike and for all hair types (from smooth to frizzy).

Kalia Nature - NHA Award

Origins of the brand

It was in 2008, following the premature birth of her daughter, that Sandrine decided to create 100% natural hair cosmetics to gently treat her child's hair and sensitive skin. She will take advantage of the effectiveness of her homemade products to care for her own hair, in transition, and that of her loved ones.

Despite her job in the chemistry department of L'Oréal, it is not the industrial sector that interests the creator of Kalia Nature. Guided by the recipes of her grandmother, known in Martinique thanks to the sale of her beauty products on the Fort de France market, she attaches great importance to the natural side of her creations.

In 2016, after having kept her discoveries in her personal setting for 8 years, Sandrine decided to finally market her products by following the advice of those around her.

Kalia Nature at Colorful Black

The Kalia Nature “philosophy”

Sandrine is an environmentalist at heart, protecting the planet and leading an environmentally friendly business are principles that are close to her heart. This is why it makes sure to make its brand eco-responsible, in particular by reducing the use of plastic packaging with its solid shampoo which also allows, thanks to its format, a longer use over time as well as a lower water consumption. In addition, the containers are neutral, colorless so as to limit the use of chemicals and the labels peel off easily to promote recycling.

The artisanal aspect is also something that is close to his heart. All brand products are made with 100% natural ingredients. The industrial is not possible for Sandrine: “For me it is important to keep a certain link with the producers, it allows the product to have a soul. Even if it means hiring more staff, the products will always be handmade”

key ingredient

If there is one flagship ingredient of the brand, it is Saint Thomas bay oil. It is present in 80% of products such as this solid shampoo . “Frizzy hair, when it is not growing in its natural environment, that is to say hot and humid weather, is fragile and breaks easily. This oil brings fortification to the hair and therefore promotes growth.

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