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Comment choisir sa coupe de cheveux bouclés femme ?

How to choose your curly woman haircut?

Unlike a piece of clothing or a style of make-up, a failed haircut cannot be removed! So if you want a hair change , be sure to have all the cards in hand to choose the best cut for curly hair . Should you choose your cut according to the shape of your face or rather by taking into account the texture of your hair ? How to recognize a successful cut? Colorful Black reveals its precious tips before choosing your cut for curly hair.

How to recognize a successful cut on curly hair?

To determine if your cut is successful, look closely at your hair and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this haircut flatter my face?
  • Do my curls appear better defined and denser?
  • Is this style practical for me on a daily basis?

If you answered yes to these three questions, then congratulations, your new haircut is a success!

But a good cut on frizzy or curly hair must above all correspond to your style. If you like classic looks and your hairdresser offers you a cut with 90 degree angles and strong layers, you probably won't be comfortable on a daily basis.

The fireproof of your brand new cut, will simply be your daily life . And in this game, the biggest trap is the ultra-short haircut! If you thought you'd cut down on morning styling time by cutting it short, you'll soon realize your mistake. Short hair often requires quite a long styling time so if you are usually in a hurry in the morning, exit the short haircut!

In summary, a successful cut reveals you at your best and does not hinder your daily organization with inadequate styling time. But what about the texture? Can a cut on frizzy hair be adapted to a curly texture?

Choose your cut according to the texture of your hair

We are not all equal when it comes to haircuts. Do you dream of a beautiful rounded afro , but your hair is curly or even wavy? Or on the contrary, do you love this cascading gradient effect , but your small curls or your density do not allow this choice? This can be quite frustrating and in this area, texturism does not help matters. Let's demystify some ideas about haircuts based on their textures.

Frizzy hair can only be worn in afro

False . Frizzy hair (known as type 4a to 4c) is extremely versatile . It is the type of hair that has the tightest curls. These small curls deserve your full attention when choosing the cut. You can afford a multitude of cuts: angled, rounded, layered... The frizzy texture of your hair gives you the advantage of volume , unlike types 3 and 2, which are more flexible.

Curly hair should be layered

False . Not everyone has volume as their ultimate goal! Nowadays, there is no more standard in styles. Thus, the so-called “triangle” cut, long decried, now finds its place in the list of the most trendy styles. With volume at the ends , we go against the grain of classic styles that favor maximum volume at the roots.

A cut on curly hair can improve the thickness of my hair.

True... and false ! Damaged ends, knots, loss of volume, frizz, all these symptoms can be a sign that a cut is necessary. At that point, a successful cut will allow you to see an improvement in the growth and even the density of your hair in the medium term. Damaged lengths will have a hard time curling and a cut can restore them to life . But no cut can drastically alter the texture of your hair.

Choosing your cut based on its texture can be an option, but it shouldn't get in the way of your creativity or your desire to try out a particular style.

Choose your cut on curly hair according to the shape of your face

Fringe, length or volume? These are the dilemmas we face when we decide to change haircuts! Our frizzy and curly hair is no exception. Hairdressers are the best at determining the cut to choose to highlight the features of your face. We reveal these secrets to you here.

My face is round

Round faces are known to look younger. If you want to elongate your round face to better balance the volumes, a cropped cut with maximum length on top is a good option. The cuts with side parting are made for you.

My face is elongated

This type of face often has a pronounced forehead. If you want to rebalance this, the bangs are your best ally. Yes, we did say "fringe"! Curly, slightly layered bangs will gently camouflage an elongated forehead and focus attention on the center of your face. We also advise you to play on the volume on the sides of your face to maximize the width.

My face is square

The choice is yours: accentuate your jawline or soften it. If you choose the first option, a square cut , accompanied by degraded locks around the forehead will reinforce this feature of your face. On the contrary, a light gradient and a side parting will lengthen your face by drawing the eye downward.

My face is oval

You have won the face shape lottery! Oval faces are balanced and allow you any kind of cut. Short, long, layered or not, you can let your inspiration speak freely. The side bangs will sublimate your features as much as a side parting with a light gradient.

Have you chosen the cut for curly hair that you need? Remember to maintain your cut by following the recommendations of your hairdresser. If you tend to cut your ends yourself, consider using professional scissors . We hope this article will help you choose the best cut for your frizzy and curly hair. Head over to for more hair tips for our black and mixed-race beauties.

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