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As I am

Created by the famous Dr. Ali N. Syed, the As I am brand was designed for the care and styling of curly and frizzy hair. The result of work with renowned chemists and hairdressers, As I am offers a natural composition and incredible effectiveness. Get ready to discover the unsuspected curls of your afro!

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The As I Am brand is renowned for its range of products specialising in the care of frizzy and curly hair. JBCO, Coconut, Argan or Olive oil, fruit extracts... As I Am gives pride of place to natural ingredients and offers treatments with targeted benefits. Each range will help you achieve your goals, whether they are to moisturise your dry hair or promote the growth of your natural hair. With As I Am, you'll find all the hair care products you need for your frizzy to curly hair: co-wash, shampoo, detangler or mask.

Origin of the AS I AM brand with natural ingredients

When the As I Am brand was created, its founder, Dr. Ali N. Syed, already had decades of experience in the hair care sector. He specialised in the care of frizzy hair following numerous requests from his customers. The name "As I Am" reflects a desire to respect natural hair and give it the care it needs to reveal all its original beauty. It is in this respect for naturalness and in the enhancement of all types of beauty that As I Am has carved out its place in the hair care offer for curly and frizzy hair.

As I Am is committed to offering hair care products based on natural ingredients. Curly hair has specific needs, which As I Am meets with targeted ranges based on one or more natural extracts. For example, As I Am's famous JBCO collection features carapate oil, also known as Jamaican black castor oil, in the list of ingredients. This oil, with its multiple benefits, is present in a significant proportion in the composition of each product in the range: spray, cowash, shampoo, styling cream or mask.

AS I AM: your expert in curly to frizzy hair care

As I Am is a true expert in textured hair. The first As I Am hair care range consisted of 11 products, a substantial number for a young brand. Each of these hair care products has been designed to meet a specific need, and by offering a wide range of products for each range, As I Am has been able to reach a broad customer base. Each type of hair can form a complete routine with As I Am products. Cowash, shampoo, gel, moisturising spray, lotion, styling cream, mask, conditioner... This variety of products for frizzy to curly hair guarantees you'll find the care you need.As I Am's product ranges include JBCO, based on carapate oil, Dry & Itchy, designed for sensitive scalps, and As I Am Born Curly, specially formulated for children. The innovative As I Am brand regularly updates its collections to meet its customers' needs as closely as possible. Each range includes numerous products in a variety of formats and adapted to different textures. If your hair is in good health and you're simply looking for a good, effective routine at an affordable price, the classic As I Am range is for you! As I Am treatments are appreciated for their composition based on active ingredients of natural origin, but above all for their undeniable effectiveness. With As I Am, results are guaranteed. Dry, brittle hair, dandruff and devitalized lengths are all treated in depth with As I Am products.

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