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Madam President - Mama - Food supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women

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Madam President has developed Mama gummies specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Finally chewing gums able to accompany you during this period full of joys... but also of hormonal changes! Of course, the formulation of these supplements can only be beneficial for baby too.

Made in France, vegan and without artificial colors, these gummies provide strength and health to your hair thanks to their many nutrients and vitamins.

1 bottle = 1 month of treatment

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Suitable for Children / Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
Made in France

Are you expecting a happy event and want to avoid the backlash, the negative effects of hormonal imbalances on your beautiful hair?

Have you just give birth and you want to boost your hair growth... or act quickly on postpartum hair loss?

With food supplements Mama by  ;Madam President It's finally possible!
These erasers; chews are full of vitamins and minerals, essential for healthy eating. good health of your hair and very beneficial for your whole organism.

May your baby either warm in your "little" belly or already in your arms, especially in the breast, no worries! These gummies have been Developed especially for you and safe for your baby. of course... quite the contrary.

The 3 main actions of food supplements Mama ?

  • Boost hair growth and slow hair loss
    Iron and vitamins B8, B9, B12 promote good hair and nail growth. As for biotin (B8), it brings shine to the hair and helps thicken it.
  • Restore health; and beauty
    The fall will be slowed down and your hair bulb will be healthier.
    Your hair will gain in vitality, resistance and shine.
  • Reduce fatigue
    Vitamin C and iron provide energy, given that Vitamin C plays an important role in this association since it promotes good absorption of iron by the body. Vitamin C also participates in the production of collagen, an essential element for health hair.

In addition to being very useful for your hair, and your nails at the same time, these peach flavored gummies are delicious... but no more than 2 a day because it's already good. lots of vitamins! If gluttony is in order, it will be up to the future dad to find you some strawberries. One bottle of Mama is for a whole month :)

100% Vegan and gluten-free, these softgels chewing are suitable for all women and to all hair textures. Of course, as you have well understood, they are above all intended for pregnant women and young mothers in the breastfeeding phase or not.

These food supplements do not contain any gé ;animal Latin.

A cure of 3 or 6 months, àgrave; reason for two erasers; chew Mama daily. It’s not matter when you take it.
You can start a Mama treatment from the start of your pregnancy, without prior notice. ;dical.

Mama not suitable for children under 15 without medical advice.

This treatment is intended for work in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Keep Mama gummies in their original box, in a cool and dry place away from the heat.

glucose syrup - sugar - acidifying agent: citric acid - gelling agent: pectin - natural orange flavor - natural flavor - sodium citrate - ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - ferric pyrophosphate - antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols - antioxidant coating: carnauba wax – vegetable oils (contains coconut and rapeseed oils) and antioxidant: alpha-tocopherol – lichen powder (Cladonia rangiferina) titrated in vitamin D – dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) – pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) – riboflavin (vitamin B2) – pteroylmonoglutamic acid (vitamin B9) – cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) – biotin (vitamin B8)
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Madam President - Mama - Food supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women