Mielle Organics - Essentials - Mint Almond Oil (Growth Oil)

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Mint Almond Oil from Mielle Organics offers a 100% natural composition. You will love its lightweight formula that will soothe your dry scalp.

Infused with refreshing peppermint and sweet almond oil to fortify and perfectly seal in moisture in your hair.

Apply a few drops of Mint Almond Oil from Mielle Organics to your roots then massage them in or use them directly on your hair or as an oil bath.

Capacity = 240ml

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Grâce à l’huile pour la pousse Mint Almond Oil de Mielle Organics, vos cheveux seront renforcés. Mielle Organics a proposé une huile qui limite la casse et la chute de vos cheveux. En plus de ces propriétés réparatrices, elle apaise les démangeaisons.

La Mint Almond Oil de Mielle Organics doit son efficacité à sa formule composée :

  • D’huile amande qui permet de sceller l’hydratation au sein de la fibre capillaire mais elle est aussi la solution miracle pour apaiser les démangeaisons du cuir chevelu sec.
  • De menthe, très convoitée pour ses vertus rafraichissantes et fortifiantes, vos cheveux seront renforcés.

Vous serez séduit par le parfum rajeunissant de la menthe et de l’amande. Votre cuir chevelu et votre chevelure ne pourront que vous remercier !

  • On the hair:

You can apply Mint Almond Oil directly to your lengths without overdoing the amount. and adapting it at the expense of your hair, according to its thickness or degree; dryness. 

You can also use just a few drops on the ends to seal in moisture.

This oil can be used before shampooing, in other words pre-poo, it is excellent for your oil baths. Distribute the oil throughout your hair and allow your scales to absorb the treatment under the effect of the heat. using a simple heating cap or ideally a Hair Therapy helmet.

  • On the scalp :

Apply a few drops of the oil on your roots and take the time to massage well for 5 minutes. Massage into the follicles and these excellent oils will promote healthy hair growth.

This process will prevent scalp dryness and will help to maintain good health of your hair which draws its nutrients from the roots.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Glycine Soya (Soybean) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil

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Customer Reviews

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Estefany J.M.
Great product

Leave my hair shiny


Mielle Organics - Essentials - Mint Almond Oil (Growth Oil)


I really like the smell and the freshness it brings to the scalp, thanks to the peppermint. My hair is softer and nicer, but for growth I have to wait and see


so I used it in an oil bath before my shampoo and the result my hair was less dry I think that in the long term I will see better results for growth I can't comment yet and the smell is a bit particular, it smells really good of mint but you get used to it it's not unpleasantVerdict very good oil to recommend