SheaButter Cottage - Babassu Oil from Brazil (250g)

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Babassu oil is very popular in South America for its high quality of hydration and its beneficial effect on the skin.

It is an oil that promotes hydration and penetrates deeply. It is an excellent substitute for coconut.

It saponifies easily and gives a mild soap that lathers well.

It is also an exceptional emollient suitable for both dry and oily skin. You will appreciate its soothing and restorative action in case of irritation or inflammation.

Babassu Oil of SheaButter Cottage originates from Brazil.
Like the entire range of its founder Akua, it is of exceptional quality.

Glass pot.
Capacity = 250g

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The babassu oil is pressed in from the babassu palm, in the northeast of Brazil, which can reach a height of 20 meters. Babassu palm fruits form several clusters that bear about 500 palm-like fruits. small coconuts.

Unrefined babassu oil has a creamy hue with a wonderful nutty scent.

It is solid in the mouth. room temperature (below 24° C), but melts easily on contact with the skin.

The name Babassu comes from the Tupis (an Amazonian tribe), while the genus name " Orbignya" comes from the French paleontologist A.D. d'Orbigny who discovered the palm in the early 1800s in South America.


Babassu oil is ideal for:

  • Nourish dry hair
  • Strengthen fragile hair
  • Soothes itchy scalp
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Promotes hair elasticity hair
  • Promotes hair thickening

It provides its benefits regardless of the porosity. of your hair (oil suitable for low and high porosity).

100% Orbignya oleifera

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