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Coveted for millennia by different civilizations around the world, white kaolinite clay is softening, detoxifying and absorbent at the same time .

It is ideal for sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Its composition rich in silica allows it to remineralize and eliminate toxins. Thanks to its healing and antiseptic properties, it will be the ally of irritated skin. In addition, it absorbs excess sebum, a vector of imperfections, while moisturizing the skin.

Not to mention its benefits for the hair and scalp; white kaolinite clay promotes the elimination of dandruff and soothes dry scalps. Its purifying properties make it possible to degrease and purify oily hair.

White kaolinite clay can be used as a facial treatment accompanied by floral water .

Capacity = 150g

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Made in France

Derived from the decomposition of granitic rocks, white kaolinite clay has several properties: 

  • This mineral agent eliminates impurities ;s of the hair through its detoxifying properties
  • It absorbs toxins and pollutants present on the epidermis  
  • Its healing properties restore the skin  

For a skin and hair revitalizing mask

  1. Pour the white clay and mineral or floral water in a container. 
  2. Mix the two components to obtain a creamy and smooth paste. 
  3. Apply the treatment to your skin and/or your hair, then leave it on for about fifteen minutes. We recommend a skincare application. using a brush. 
  4. Rinse with; clear water


  • Avoid contact with eyes; in case of contact, rinse for several minutes while avoiding the eyelids. 
  • Do not swallow; if swallowed, rinse mouth. 
  • It is not recommended to use metal containers and utensils. 

100% Kaolin

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