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Comment prendre soin de son cuir chevelu fragilisé ?

How to take care of your fragile scalp?

It is part of the largest organ in our body: the skin. Who is he ? The scalp of course! It conditions the health of our hair and if it is not pampered regularly, the scalp can quickly show it. Dandruff, itching, irritation... How to solve scalp problems and finally find daily comfort?

The scalp under the magnifying glass

The scalp is all the skin covering your skull. Its particularity is that hair grows on it! And this detail is very important. Indeed, the health of the scalp is essential to have beautiful, shiny and vigorous hair.

Home to hair follicles (the roots of your hair), a healthy scalp promotes optimal hair growth. If you take care of your hair with a regular routine and proper care, you get strong and shiny hair.

To better understand how your scalp works, think about the skin on your face and body. Is it dry, sensitive? Or rather fat? This information is important because it will let you know exactly what kind of care to give your scalp . Indeed, the scalp can present the same characteristics as your skin.

To preserve your scalp, follow these tips:

  • Do not apply strong chemicals directly to your scalp (relaxer for example)
  • Avoid hairstyles that are too tight
  • Do not dry your scalp with a hair dryer
  • Wash your scalp frequently with a clarifying shampoo

Dandruff, irritation, itching, how do I treat my weakened scalp?

As explained previously, your scalp can suffer from skin diseases that you experience on other areas of the body. Eczema, psoriasis, excess sebum… Some problems require medical treatment , but if you want to treat minor itching or dandruff. We have some tips for you!

If your scalp is in pain, know that there are solutions!

Dry scalp:

If you hydrate properly and your scalp is still dry, it is surely a lack of sebum. To fill this lack of natural oil, you can use a vegetable oil which will bring you more comfort by relieving tightness and itching. Sweet almond oil is known to bring more suppleness to dry scalp.

Sweet almond oil

Oily scalp:

Excess sebum often causes oily roots and dandruff. Jojoba oil is the favorite natural remedy for oily scalps, as it is chemically very close to the composition of human sebum. Add tea tree essential oil for a purifying effect and peppermint oil for an immediate feeling of freshness.

Jojoba oil


There are different types of dandruff: oily or dry. Castor oil or Jamaican Black Castor Oil are the most popular for their effectiveness against dandruff. They would also have a beneficial effect on eczema.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Your scalp looks healthy and yet it itches! Look at your routine. Have you thought about doing a clarifying shampoo regularly?

OBia Naturals - Neem Shampoo Bar - Clarifying

Do you use irritating products on your scalp like relaxers? Do you style your hair in buns or braids that are too tight? Chamomile essential oil is excellent for soothing itching. Remember to rub your scalp with your fingertips when shampooing and not with your nails to avoid irritation that causes itching! Using a scalp massage brush can also be a great help in gently relieving itching.

Vitagoods - Electric Scalp Massager

To take care of your scalp, consider equipping yourself with a precision tip container . You can apply your treatments and oils directly to the targeted areas. To discover our range of oils and products dedicated to the care of your scalp, come and browse our shop!

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