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"L'huile n'hydrate pas les cheveux elle y contribue" Anna, Fondatrice

"Oil does not hydrate the hair, it helps" Anna, Founder

Oil does not moisturize

Many will say that “oil moisturizes hair” has rgh, if only that belief can be a joke forever! Unfortunately, too many of us still believe it.
Hydration is to hydrate from the ancient Greek “ hýdôr ” which means water. To hydrate is to bring water to our body: organism, epidermis and hair fibre. The challenge with this hydration is to maintain it. And this is where oil or any other fatty substance such as butter comes in.

The role of oil

The “fatty” compound will seal the “water” compound in order to limit water loss and play the role of a protective film.

If you apply the oil to your still damp hair after washing it, you will feel the softness of hydrated hair.
But ! Don't be fooled by this fleeting sensation. By applying the oil to your dry hair it will not penetrate your hair fiber. Your hair will be thirsty and supercharged.

How to properly moisturize your hair?

To properly moisturize your hair, we advise you to:
  • always moisten them with a spray bottle before applying your daily products;
  • to integrate into your routine a weekly moisturizing mask after your shampoo or even conditioner;
  • to use a leave-in as a moisturizing and humectant base (attracts and retains water) as the first product to apply to wet hair after washing your hair;
  • seal with oil , butter or gel depending on the desired hairstyle (twist, wash and go…)
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"Le shrinkage est le signe d'un cheveu en bonne santé" Anna, Fondatrice
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