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"Le shrinkage est le signe d'un cheveu en bonne santé" Anna, Fondatrice

"Shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair" Anna, Founder

We meet today to talk about... shrinkage.

Yes, we all know this frustration when we took our time to make a pretty hairstyle. This hairstyle which, once in contact with the elements, no longer seems quite the same..

But then what is shrinkage?
Derived from the English “shrinkage”, shrinkage simply designates the shrinkage of the hair in contact with humidity and water.

We hear a lot of people talking about
shrinkage in a negative way and yet! Know that shrinkage is a positive sign for curly and frizzy hair. Observation of the spirals reveals:

• at a glance if the frizzy or curly hair is healthy
• to the touch by stretching it; if the curl goes up after stretching it, your hair is healthy.

Know that completely reduce the shrinkage, this is possible through chemicals, and heat (straightening iron brushing) or it would denature your hair which would not go back up anymore.

However, Colorful Black offers you a few methods:
1- The wire braids: just wrap a wire around a wick, without tightening them too much.
2- The banding: we use the same method as the threads by replacing them with seamless elastics signed Colorful Black.
3- Glued braids or braid-out: after adopting this hairstyle, your hair will be stretched when you wake up
4- Appreciating our length as it is: our quest for length prevents us from appreciating the superpowers held by our hair.

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