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La vérité sur la porosité

The truth about porosity


Myth or reality ?

If today this notion of porosity is at the center of questions for the maintenance of our hair, know that it is not a decisive factor in the choice of our products.

Porosity is the hair's ability to absorb moisture. There are several types of porosity, it is called:

  • low when the hair scales (or cuticles) are very tight and moisture is difficult to penetrate
  • medium when the scales of the hair are moderately tightened allowing hydration to penetrate and be contained
  • strong when the scales are loosely constricted or open allowing hydration to penetrate quickly but escape just as quickly.

How to know its porosity?

Through the famous technique of the glass of warm water where we put our dry hair left on the comb after a shampoo.

  • If they remain at the bottom of the glass: this is a sign of high porosity.
  • If they remain in the middle of the glass, then we speak of medium porosity.
  • If they remain on the surface of the glass: the porosity is low.

So, porosity: a crucial indicator?

It is too unstable a notion to be referred to so much. We have a head of hair with different textures and different porosities. The porosity observed today will not be the same tomorrow.

Porosity tells us about the nature of our hair at the moment T but does not determine our hair routine over time.

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