Focus on proteins

These molecules penetrate the hair fiber and strengthen damaged hair, lacking nutrition, temporarily.

To know if a product contains proteins, we will find the terms “restorative”, “reparative”, “réparateur” in its name and on the back of the label will be indicated ingredients such as: keratin, soy protein (soy protein) or wheat protein.

Placed at the beginning of the list their concentration is strong.

Protein is ideal if:
- Our hair is damaged by excess heat, coloring and other chemical treatment.
- We need to strengthen our hair.
- Our hair is brittle.
- We need to balance excess hydration.

Be careful not to abuse it, an excess of protein dries out the hair. We recommend 1 protein mask per month followed by a moisturizing mask, or even 2 protein masks per month when the hair is chemically treated (coloring for example).

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