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Les pointes : une nouvelle approche par Anna, Fondatrice

Pointe shoes: a new approach by Anna, Founder


A new approach by Anna, the founder

"Instead of cutting your tips every 3 months, do a blood test"

We often hear “cut your ends every 3 months” in order to guarantee the health and growth of your hair. However, this has no effect on hair growth.

We cut our hair only if it has split ends, knots visible to the eye or to the touch and if it is damaged and not to prevent breakage.

Know that the hair grows between 0.8 and 2 cm per month, even if you have the impression that they are stagnating. Hair breakage can sometimes reveal deficiencies in iron or other vitamins. Iron is a crucial element in the nutrition and oxidation of hair.

Iron deficiency causes:
• hair thinning

• easier breakage

This is why it is important to do blood tests to check the state of our health. Yes, good health is reflected in our hair fiber.

Let's also not forget to adapt a good hair routine and to use the right gestures if we want to accelerate the growth of our hair. We can also speed up this process with food supplements such asD-Lab 's “Growth Complex”.

Between equalization and tip cutting

"We must not confuse equalization and cutting points"

Do you feel like your hair length is stagnating? Therefore, you may be thinking that your hair is not growing?

Today we deconstruct the myth of cutting our tips “wholesale” (and not “retail”) cf. the many "before / after" that we often see.
Indeed, a row of sparsely sown spikes is not necessarily a sign that they need to be cut. Why ?

Imagine a group of runners at the start of a race. They unite and then little by little everyone takes their own pace: some will find it difficult to follow, while others will race in the lead. In the end, the group separates and appears less dense. However, it would not occur to the organizers to interrupt the race, to disqualify the runners because they no longer form a block.

This image of running and runners allows us to understand the growth of our hair strands, which is not homogeneous. It depends on their experience and their situation in terms of the hair cycle, which includes 3 growth phases:
1- anagen (growth)

2- catagen (rest)

3- telogen (fall)

Illustration: the tips that protrude can be in an anagen growth phase and the tips above, which seem healthy to us, can be in a catagen or telogen phase and have a difficult experience that requires cutting them.

Thus, favor the cutting of damaged tips “in detail”.

What are the signs of damaged tips?

• to the touch, you will feel small balls, a rough sensation, your ends will tend to cling to healthy hair
• visually, you will see these small balls, spikes in battle
• when hydrating your ends, they will hardly react to the application of the product despite your insistence with your fingers or brush

In the end, by letting your hair evolve at its own pace, you will retain length.

Note that equalization is possible for aesthetic reasons, in order to bring homogeneity to your cut, especially if you straighten your hair. However, you will understand. it is not to be confused with the cut of your ends which would be damaged.

* When you cut your hair, of course, you use a suitable pair of hairdressing scissors like the one from Colorful Black sold in a leather case.

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