Styling techniques for our little ones with frizzy hair

Hairstyling is not often a cakewalk for our little ones.
Between crying and "mom/dad it's maaal", we are often distraught in the face of this situation. And if it was only a question of method and practice?

We give you the right techniques:
1- Patience It is important to take your time and relax because our emotions are felt through our gestures.
2- Apply a product or dampen the hair before styling. Hair should not be styled dry, this could weaken the hair.
3- ALWAYS detangle the hair from the ends to the root. Never untangle the hair from root to tip at the risk of breaking the hair due to knots.
4- Avoid over-tightening the hair when adopting hairstyles such as braids, hairstyles that require extensions. This is because chronic hair pulling has a bad impact on the hair root. This also applies to hair accessories such as rubber bands, scrunchies or pins.
Ask your child if it's not too tight.
5- Use the right styling tools. Combs with small teeth are to be avoided.

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