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Les Secrets de Loly : la nouvelle gamme de soin capillaire pour cheveux fins & bouclés « weightless-program »

Les Secrets de Loly: the new “weightless-program” hair care range for fine & curly hair

The leading French natural hair care brand dedicated to textured hair, Les Secrets de Loly 's mission is to beautify curly hair: well-defined curls and shinier hair. The new "Weightless-program" product line is ideal for fine, curly hair that needs volume and lightness, as well as for hair in transition. This article tells you everything!

Loly's Secrets - Weightless Program range

A concentrate of hydration, lightness and volume for fine curly hair

All types of wavy, curly, and Afro (so-called "frizzy") hair looking for hydration, volume and lightness can use the new "Weightless Program" Les Secrets de Loly formula.

The creation of this new gourmet and fruity skincare program is inspired by foods and nutrients. It consists of three ECOCERT Greenlife certified products:

Perfect Match Shampoo

This shampoo is suitable for all varieties of curls. It is a real source of hydration thanks to the presence of golden flax seeds, a fortifying agent with cocoa, an ally of fruit extracts because of banana and pineapple as well as a miracle solution for shine of your hair due to red algae. Perfect Match deeply cleanses without leaving your hair or scalp feeling dry.

Loly's Secrets - Weightless Program - Perfect Match

Conditioner Cream Conditioner

This conditioner certified by Ecocert, which is infused with oligopeptides from sweet almond protein, gently detangles and protects the hair fiber . The extra "Weightless" side, with betaine, an amino acid derivative of natural origin, reinforces the capacity of the hair fiber to retain water, thus creating flexible and voluminous curls. Indeed, this product aims to improve curl development and encourage elasticity to protect against breakage.

Loly's Secrets - Weightless Program - Cream Conditioner

Kurl Potion Styling Cream (Leave-in)

Kurl Potion improves the density and structure of each curl and helps develop your full curls. It brings both volume, lightness and shine and really brings out the natural curl. This cream is suitable for daily use and is a real day cream for "textured" hair.

Loly's Secrets - Weightless Program - Kurl Potion (Leave-in)

Les Secrets de Loly, natural hair care with recognized effectiveness

Loly, also known as Kelly Massol, decided to devote herself to maintaining curly hair . By offering products that can be included in an easy hair routine and for all hair types, the Les Secrets de Loly brand brings real added value. She developed her own line of natural products due to the lack of suitable products on the market. Now, Les Secrets de Loly is a growing French brand with followers all over the world.

Kelly Massol, founder of Secrets de Loly

With the inclusion of great ingredients like Nilotica shea butter, essential oils, avocado butter, aloe and other natural products, the company, which is now featured prominently in every magazine, bodes many of his recipes. Each product is examined and subjected to a set of strict requirements that certify each step of the process, from production to distribution and storage. Their accreditation by the COSMOS standard testifies to this desire for authenticity and respect for the nature of the hair.

You can find the entire Les Secrets de Loly range on our website, to offer your hair a routine perfectly adapted to its texture.

Integrate Les Secrets de Loly into your hair routine thanks to the discovery promo packs of the "Weightless-program" range

The new products in the Les Secrets de Loly range , intended for wavy , curly and fine hair , are designed for all kinds of curls thanks to lighter formulations that do not weigh down the lengths.

These novelties based on "superfoods" such as quinoa, seaweed, flax and fruits, strengthen and protect the hair fiber while moisturizing the curls and giving them volume, shine and suppleness.

The three formulas of this special series are included in our Loly Weightless Program Secrets promo pack


Looking to the future, the Secrets de Loly brand strives to offer hair treatments adapted to the texture of your hair.

With the Weightless Program range you can enjoy Perfect Match shampoo, Cream Conditioner conditioner and Kurl Potion styling cream to bring out the beauty of your thin or transitioning curly hair .

Also discover the entire Les Secrets de Loly range on our website, for a Curly Hair Routine perfectly adapted to your hair texture.

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