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Bonnet de nuit en satin Colorful Black

Protect your curly hair with a satin nightcap

Would you like to wake up in the morning with undisturbed and easy to comb hair? Night caps are the ideal solution and they are more and more popular for the protection of the hair during the night. Keeping your curls intact has indeed become essential.
...and if you're worried that this satin beanie isn't glamorous, we invite you to discover our Colorful Black models!

Why sleep with a satin bonnet?

Polyester satin is a material known to keep the hair hydrated even if there is friction. It is therefore not surprising to find several ranges of satin nightcaps.

Aside from worrying about keeping your hairstyle intact overnight, no one would like frizz forming upon waking. Dehydrated hair leads to the formation of curls and even hair breakage. Indeed the lack of sebum harms the hair and makes it dry. This is why it is necessary to protect them as much as possible by wearing satin cups.

Why satin? What are the benefits of satin on the hair? Why sleep with a satin nightcap at night? The answer is quite simple. Polyester satin is a material, which by its structure, promotes and maintains the hydration of the hair.

Well hydrated hair proves its good condition. The satin therefore protects the hair and preserves its hydration.

How to choose a satin nightcap?

Choosing the right satin bonnet is important for the well-being of your hair, whether long, short, "afros", curly or straight.

In terms of style, those who do not like nightcaps in solid colors can opt for satin wax interior caps . Many love these beanies with African style prints and patterns.

Similarly, madras print beanies are gradually taking the place of classic plain-coloured beanies.

Satin nightcap, Madras print

The choice is then yours according to your tastes and preferences.

How to use a night cap?

Protecting the hair at night by putting on nightcaps adapted to your hair type becomes a priority.

The adjustable side of the satin nightcaps allows you to adjust them according to the volume of your hair, especially if you have short hair. By being curled, they will be protected by the cups and will not be wrinkled when you wake up. For more protection, it is advisable to tie them in a bun before putting on the hat.

Let's not forget that the purpose of the cap is to protect your hair from rubbing against the pillow. A friction that promotes dehydration of the hair and the formation of frizz.

If we summarize the interest of wearing satin nightcaps, it is for:

  • Keep your hair hydrated
  • Keep the style of your hair (curly, afro, …)
  • Avoid the formation of frizz
  • Maintain good hair quality

Where to buy a satin nightcap in Paris?

A reference address in the center of Paris to buy a satin nightcap adapted to your needs is our Colorful Black store located at 7 Rue Poissonnière, 75002. It is open from Monday to Saturday and offers you an online chat to answer all your questions.

Specialist in hair care and treatment of all hair types, Colorful Black offers handmade satin nightcaps, cotton wax print on the outside with satin finish on the inside at affordable prices but of high quality. . Do not hesitate to contact us directly for any information .

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