As I am Restore & Repair - JBCO Shampoo

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The JBCO Shampoo by As I Am Restore & Repair is a creamy, oil-infused cleansing treatment for a perfectly clean scalp and hair, ready for the next step in your hair routine !

This rich shampoo washes and detangles your hair while purifying your scalp without removing the natural oils essential to its health.

Size = 355ml

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Jamaïcan Black Castor Oilis a castor oil with the dark color whose production includes a crucial step: the roasting of the beans. It’s this step that gives it its amber color and its effectiveness. proven against dandruff, irritation, itching. This oil is also known to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp which has the effect of boosting the growth of your hair.

TheAs I Am Restore & Repair JBCOstarts with this lush shampoo that cleanses and detangles your curls in one step. By improving detangling, this shampoo ensures an easier care routine, which protects your hair from breakage while strengthening it.

This hair shampoo creates pus and curly gives you a pleasant foam that washes your hair gently. After washing, your hair is soft, nourished and shiny.

Enriched with linseed oil,JBCO Shampoo by As I Am Restore & Repairhelps to regain regular hair growth while fighting chronic hair loss. Indeed, flaxseed oil is known to provide ideal nutrition to hair follicles thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids.

  1. Wet your hair thoroughly
  2. Pour the amountJBCOAs I Am Restore & Repairin your hands
  3. Apply the shampoo starting with a massage of the scalp
  4. Distribute with your fingers or with a comb. wide teeth to ends
  5. Rinse
  6. Repeat if necessary
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
good shampoo

Mild shampoo, very pleasant smell, rather clean composition. It washes the hair really well. Only downside: it is not moisturizing and detangling enough for my 4C hair.

Added fAy

Very satisfied with the welcome and the sale I highly recommend

pretty b.

Exceptional product, but still too expensive. It really washes the hair without denaturing the hair… for it to be perfect it would have had to help disentangling and the price be affordable.

Philomene SN
Always happy

This time I took it for my mother because it worked wonders on my hair as well as the spray from the same brand.

Very good product

My hair is growing back slowly.