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Obtained from the castor bean, Castor Oil is a thick emollient applied externally to soothe dry skin. It is also used on dark circles to reduce them.

Castor Oil from SheaButter Cottage is ideal for hair treatments as it softens and nourishes. Recognized as a growth activator, castor oil can be applied in your oil baths or, in small quantities, in your scalp care (to be massaged on your roots twice a week).

It is also an excellent ingredient for soap making.

Sourced from India, Fair Trade like all of the excellent SheaButter Cottage range

Glass bottle.
Capacity = 100ml

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The castor tree can reach a height of 5 m and becomes hollow as it ages. The fruit to seed is covered in dense clusters of soft spikes.

Castor bean is poisonous due to the presence of lectin (ricin) and alkaloid (ricinin) but these these are not present in the oil. Lectin (not to be confused with LECITHIN) is a carbohydrate-binding protein found in seeds/legumes, including castor.

The leaf of the Castor, known as umhlakuva in Zulu, is used as a poultice for wounds, burns or sores. The seeds are borne in a necklace.

100% Ricinus communis

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied !!

This castor oil has, as expected, a strong smell BUT unlike the others I have tried it smells good once applied to the skull!!
Moreover in one application it has already helped me with the growth of my hair in a place where I had a hole that had not grown for at least 1 year. (Despite the oils, blisters and massages...)
I recommend her :)