TropikalBliss - Grapefruit Watermelon Shampoo

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The Grapefruit Watermelon Shampoo from Tropikal Bliss.

This shampoo for frizzy and curly hair is suitable for sensitive, dry or irritated scalps. Its 100% vegan formula contains only natural ingredients that preserve the hydrolipidic film of the scalp. Impurities are removed and the scalp is purified without being dried out.

Size = 325ml

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Shampoo is the first step in your hair routine. For Tropikal Bliss it’s a starter full of addictive fruity freshness with the Grapefruit Watermelon Shampoo!

With Grapefruit Oil, Watermelon and Kalahari Melon Extract, this natural hair shampoo is packed with moisturizing ingredients. It washes dry hair while protecting it from breakage. It combines the benefits of a shampoo, a cleansing effect that rids the hair and scalp of oils and impurities, and those of a treatment by preserving a good level of hydration.

< p>After using the Grapefruit Watermelon Shampoo by Tropikalbliss, your hair will be soft, shiny and light. They can fully benefit from the benefits of a conditioner in order to continue the moisturizing and nutritious effects of the shampoo.

Without parabens, alcohol, sulfates or silicones, this natural shampoo benefits from a very gentle formula, water based. It forms a dense foam, very pleasant when shampooing and easily eliminates accumulated impurities.

Grapefruit oil is known to slow hair loss and restore ;regulate excess sebum.

Vitamin B and B6, folic acid, magnesium, zinc… watermelon oil is a botanical ingredient of choice for strengthening and nourishing dry, brittle hair.

Kalahari melon extract gives Grapefruit Watermelon Shampoo of Tropikalbliss its protective effect, by preserving the hydrolipidic film of the scalp while providing a regenerating action to the skin. the hair fiber.

  • Apply to damp hair.
  • Gently massage from root to tip to hair. obtaining a creamy foam.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Repeat the operation if necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anais E.

I recommend

Anjaraniaina HDR

I'm too satisfied
The shampoo revives my hair too much after everything I've done to her.

joseph y.
A Avoid


Tessa H.
Not bad !!!

It smells good (not too strong or disgusting), slightly runny texture, practical pump system, I'm on my 2nd bottle, I think it suits me well. Maybe just not "nourishing" enough, it dries out my hair a bit, so the use of a conditioner is really welcome.

Amine B.
Not convinced

It lathers well, that's for sure. But in terms of washing, I feel like my scalp is still dirty after using it. I find myself doing multiple washes.

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