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Les Secrets de Loly : quels produits pour les enfants ?

Les Secrets de Loly: which products for children?

Like an adult's hair, a child's hair needs hydration and an adapted hair routine. Up to 6 years, essential oils in particular are not recommended. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the composition of the care you use on your children.

Deep mask or oil bath care is not necessary (...and that's good because not all children are as patient as their moms for Sunday care) 😉
However, do not forget the conditioner!

With a simple but regular routine, you will ensure perfect health for your baby's / little boy's or little girl's hair. You will also give them the habit of taking care of it, so that they love their hair, so that they learn the right gestures (and so that one day you too will be a little "Liberated, delivered") 😂

You probably know the Les Secrets de Loly brand, created by Kelly Massol. But do you know which products are suitable for the youngest? What Les Secrets de Loly treatments can you use on your children?

Colorful Black tells you everything!

Les Secrets de Loly - Products suitable for children

1) Bubble Dream shampoo

As you know, clean hair and scalp are the basis of a good hair routine. Exit all these small dirt coming from the playground, the various residues, dust or pollutants invisible to the naked eye (but very present). We also get rid of the remains of products that accumulate on your child's hair.

In the Secret de Loly range, a shampoo has been specially designed for children: the Bubble Dream. This cleansing treatment will gently cleanse their hair while preparing it for detangling. Lather the shampoo well on the roots then distribute the foam over the lengths. This gently (this is not the time to create knots...).

If the shampoo foams little, it means that there must be some dirt / product accumulation. In this case simply renew the operation: make a second shampoo.


2) The conditioner / conditioner

For many of you, its use will seem as obvious as that of shampoo... but it is always good to remember the importance of following the shampoo with the aptly named conditioner 😃 (or conditioner in English)

The role of the conditioner is multiple:

  • close the scales
  • regulate hair pH
  • rehydrate the hair (necessarily dried out by washing)
  • make them easier to untangle

The big advantage is that during the application of the conditioner, you have the possibility of untangling his hair, soaked in water and care. Detangle as much as possible with your fingers. When necessary, use a wide-toothed comb and/or a detangling brush .

The Les Secrets de Loly brand offers 2 conditioners suitable for children:

Pink Paradise

It is the best known conditioner in the Loly range. It is both very moisturizing and nourishing. It will be the best choice if your kid's hair is relatively thick/need strong nutrition. Do not hesitate to let her pose for a few (long) minutes, if your child allows it! This will make it even more efficient. Pink Paradise, child-friendly conditioner

Weightless Program - Cream Conditioner

From the Weightless Program range, this conditioner is best suited for fine hair. It will provide maximum hydration without risking weighing down your child's hair. It will leave your curls particularly supple.

Weightless Program Curl Conditioner, child-friendly conditioner


3) Daily hydration

Every morning, like your child, his hair needs its little dose of hydration and nutrition to be beautiful and healthy.

Don't panic, it's very simple and fast. This will fit into the morning rush!

We start by moistening our hair with the excellent 360° vaporizer / fogger from Colorful Black 😉
No cold water please. Refill the tank with a little lukewarm water (more pleasant... and allowing the daily care to penetrate better).

"pshit, pshit" for a few seconds and grab the moisturizer of your choice:

Pineapple Smoothie

With this Les Secrets de Loly hair milk you can both moisturize and perfectly nourish her hair. It is particularly fluid and easy to apply. Containing different rather rich oils (sweet almond, jojoba, mango, etc.) it will be excellent on relatively thick hair.

If other flavors exist in Les Secrets de Loly hair milks, it is the Pineapple Smoothie that you will have to select if your child is under 6 years old, because it is the only one that does not contain oils. essential.


Les Secrets de Loly Pineapple Smoothie, hair milk suitable for children


Weightless Program - Kurl Potion

As we have seen in the conditioner with the Weightless Program collection, the Les Secrets de Loly brand offers perfect care for fine hair.

Good news: like the conditioner, the Weightless Program daily care product is suitable for children's hair. Kurl Potion will therefore be the ideal choice if your child has fine hair.


Les Secrets de Loly - Weigthless Program Kurl Potion, hair milk suitable for children


Magic Twist

With a creamy, rich and therefore very nutritious texture, the Magic Twist hair cream can be used from time to time, on the thickest hair.
It will seal in the moisture.

Above all, it will be the ideal cream for making braids and other protective hairstyles (in particular beautiful twist-outs). Allowing to "relax" the hair well, it will make styling easier and quicker to achieve, while providing maximum hydration and nutrition to the hair (which will only require a little "refresh" the following days).

So rather a product that is intended for Afro hair (known as "frizzy / kinky")


Les Secrets de Loly, moisturizing cream for children Magic Twist


4) The hairstyle

As we have just seen, the Magic Twist cream is both a moisturizer and a styling cream. It will be excellent for protective hairstyles.

For days when your child's hair may be loose, we recommend applying Secrets de Loly's excellent Boost Curl activator.

If you have followed the routine we recommend, you will quickly notice that curls (more or less pronounced) appear naturally on your child's well-hydrated and slightly damp hair. If you want to accentuate her curls and also to seal in the hydration (keep it in the hair fiber), nothing better than a styling jelly!

Distribute a little Boost Curl on the still damp hair (and previously hydrated by the Smoothie or the Kurl Potion) and you're done!

The curls will be well defined and ready to face the day.


Boost Curl by Les Secrets de Loly, styling jelly suitable for children



Colorful Black's little tip?

Nothing better to have a well hydrated hair than to maintain its hydration.

...So you get your child used to sleeping with one of our satin nightcaps and/or on a satin pillowcase . Colorful Black offers you a range tested and approved by its founder's own children!

Remember that cotton absorbs moisture... so both the natural moisture and the care still present on the hair. By sleeping on satin, your child's hair will not be dry when he wakes up and you will also avoid frizz. less work to rehydrate them and prepare them the next morning 😍



With these products from the Les Secrets de Loly brand and our essential accessories, you have the ideal routine for taking good care of your child's hair.

For more information and if you wish to have more details on the products and your hair routines, do not hesitate to visit our shop at 7 rue Poissonnière 75002 PARIS . Our advisers will be delighted to welcome you and answer all your questions.

If you are not able to go there, Skyla and Mélanie are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday at 01 42 36 54 14 or on the chat of our e-shop

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