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Rose Ovensehi : créatrice de la marque Flora and Curl

Rose Ovensehi: creator of the Flora and Curl brand

It's 2011 and Rose Ovensehi makes the decision to stop straightening her hair. This decision will mark a turning point in her life, leading her, eight years later, to create her own brand: Flora and Curl . But how did this geography student in London come to create a brand of hair products for afro hair? What was his inspiration? Let's discover the story of Rose Ovensehi.

Rose Ovensehi, creator of the Flora & Curl brand

From straightening to treatments based on natural ingredients

It seems like a big difference! But Rose Ovensehi's career began, as for many women with afro hair , with straightening hair. After seeing the damage to her irritated scalp and brittle hair, she makes the drastic decision to stop these harsh chemical treatments and go natural . Rose searches for the product that will restore the health of her hair and scalp. Unfortunately, her tests will prove unsuccessful and by examining the composition of these products, she understands the origin of this failure .

Made up of overly heavy mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and sometimes even irritating chemicals , these treatments do nothing to improve the health of your hair. It is very difficult at this time to find natural hair products with so-called “clean” compositions. It's the click for Rose.

From DIY in the kitchen to formulation in the laboratory

The creation of the Flora and Curl brand is the result of long hours of work and unwavering determination. Rose Ovensehi began by mixing ingredients found in her mother's kitchen to create homemade skincare products. She shares her results on the web, in particular via Youtube to collect useful feedback for the development of her recipes.

This process gives Rose the love of the natural product . She is convinced that nature offers us everything we need to take care of our hair and she proves it by developing her brand, Flora and Curl.

Following significant positive feedback on her homemade recipes, Rose decided to produce her formulas in industrial quantities , in a professional way. She dropped out of geography studies and embarked full-time on developing her line of natural hair care products .

Flora & Curl Brand - Available at Colorful Black

Nature, source of inspiration

Rose puts simple values ​​at the heart of the Flora and Curl philosophy

  • love of natural hair
  • Pleasure to take care of yourself
  • Ingredients from nature

With these three axes , she decided to create a range integrating simplified routines. Exit the multiple layers of products that accumulate, we only keep the essentials!

The primary purpose of Flora and Curl products is hydration . With natural ingredients such as honey, Aloe Vera, Jasmine, mineral clays or vegetable oils, these treatments for frizzy and curly hair restore the health of damaged hair and weakened scalps.

Rose Ovensehi designed the Flora and Curl product line to give women back the pleasure of taking care of their natural hair. A simple, effective and pleasant routine to practice thanks to the natural fragrances evoking Rose's favorite flower and fruit essences.

To facilitate the creation of your routine, the Flora & Curl range is available in several collections, depending on your needs:

  • Hydrate Me - for deep hydration

Creamy shampoo
Conditioner (use as a mask if possible)
leave in
moisturizing spray

  • Protect Me - to repair and strengthen your hair

Revitalizing / supercharged shampoo
Elixir of oils

  • Style Me - to activate and hydrate your curls daily

activating gel
activating lotion

  • Nourish Me - to nourish the driest scalp and hair

nourishing butter

  • Soothe Me - to relieve itching and detoxify

Purifying clay for hair and scalp

Rose Ovensehi aims to inspire other women to achieve their ambitions by starting their own business. Sharing and exchanging are fundamental values ​​for this young 25-year-old entrepreneur who can count on a solid community , grateful for her efforts to promote natural hair .

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