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Quelle protection solaire pour ma peau noire ?

What sun protection for my black skin?

For sun protection adapted to your skin

Applying sun protection to your skin is an ordinary gesture for people with white skin. Often considered useless for black skin, sun protection is often overlooked in afro cosmetics. However, UV rays cause damage to your skin by creating areas of hyperpigmentation, temporary desquamation or even sunburn. How does black skin react to UV rays? How to choose a sun protection adapted to your black or mixed skin?

Yes, black skin needs sun protection!

It is important to discredit this received idea! It is true that black skins have a significant advantage over lighter skins. Melanocytes – cells that determine the level of skin pigmentation – are much more productive in dark skin. They absorb up to 70% of UV rays, making black skin more resistant to skin cancer due to sun exposure .

Have you ever heard the expression "Black don't crack" ? It is true that black skin ages less quickly thanks to this ability to absorb more ultraviolet rays , thus partially neutralizing their aging effect. So it's not a legend but one more reason to be proud of the color of your skin!

What are the effects of the sun on dark skin?

Overexposed black skin will show the same damage as white skin: premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation and sunburn. And even if you don't expose yourself to direct sunlight, it can cause adverse effects on your skin.

Even if 95% of skin cancers are detected on white, clear skin, it is important to protect your skin. Often appearing on the palms of the hands or on the soles of the feet, skin cancers in African or Afro-descendant people do exist and are often detected too late!

Sun protection is essential for black and mixed skin.

How to protect your black skin from the sun?

Wearing a hat, staying under the shade of a parasol, are effective but insufficient protections. To really protect your black skin from the sun , a sun lotion is essential.

Sun creams for black and mixed skin

Biolissime Sun Fluid SPF50+ is a sunscreen for dark skin . It has been studied to meet the specific needs of black skin. Enriched with vitamin E and recommended for the treatment of stains , it is water resistant and offers high protection with an SPF 50 index . Mattifying, it can be applied without fear of excessive shine and is suitable for your days outdoors, all year round.
Biolissime - Sun Fluid

INOYA's SUN'OYA solar fluid is also a reference in terms of sun protection that will leave your skin protected and without white marks.

Food supplements

Sun protection that comes from within, is it possible? Yes, with Skinoxy Glutha Protect + supplements from Biolissime ! It is the 1st intensive treatment of natural origin which protects the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation (UVA/UVB).

This dietary supplement has been specially formulated to increase the skin's resistance to the sun:
1) Protection against the appearance of spots and other damage related to sun exposure (such as darkening of the complexion)
2) Strengthening the resistance of the skin.

This treatment will illuminate and lighten (not whiten) your complexion slightly while protecting your skin from the sun.

Biolissime - Skinoxy Glutha Protect Plus
Take advantage of our preferential rate pack offer here .

Lashilé, which has become a reference brand in food supplements, offers Good Sun.

Rich in antioxidants, these chewing gums have a self-tanning effect thanks to beta-carotene. They also contain lutein which acts as a natural filter, protecting against UV rays. A 3-month cure is ideal for enhanced protection, throughout the summer.

Lashilé Good Sun at Colorful Black

It is strongly recommended for black skin to use sunscreens designed specifically for them . Their composition and texture have been developed to meet the specific needs of dark skin.

So, have you chosen your sunscreen ? Sunscreen, food supplement or a combination of the two, protect your skin and enjoy your holiday in the sun with peace of mind!

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