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La valise idéale d'une Naturalista en voyage

The ideal suitcase for a traveling Naturalista

Travel must-haves

Afro hair requires a lot of care! Unfortunately with the rules that apply to the capacities of products, you can't take everything in your small suitcase.

If your 7-step hair routine isn't easily portable, here are some tips for traveling light without sacrificing your beauty routine. Let's discover together the travel essentials of an exemplary naturalista!

Rule number 1: light I will travel.

If you are trying to dodge checked baggage, it is essential to restrict yourself to cosmetic products, which are often very heavy. Exit your favorite hair mask and its 450ml jar! For the same weight, you can pack a whole routine . Yes, this is possible thanks to the travel format. Brands like Flora & Curl or Bouclème offer it. These very practical small formats contain just what you need for a complete hair routine. So you can continue to pamper your natural hair , even away from home.

The little extra of these small format products: they are validated to be transported in the cabin!

If your favorite brand doesn't offer a travel size, you can make them yourself . To do this, get small cosmetic bottles . Fill them with your favorite oils and treatments. To travel with peace of mind, plastic containers are preferred. Remember to close the caps of your bottles well so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when opening your luggage!

The advantage of this option: you decide the quantity needed for each product in order to adapt it to your needs.

Rule number 2: on sun protection I will not ignore.

Sun protection is essential even for black and mixed skin . It helps prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots, discoloration, burns or even premature skin ageing.

My Inoya Sun Fluid is our favorite of the summer! It has an ultra-light texture that melts on the skin and leaves it perfectly protected against UV rays thanks to an SPF 50 index.

Rule number 3: my little accessories I will bring.

Some brands have thought of everything and have developed pocket-sized hair accessories. Are you planning to straighten your hair before a particular event? Are you afraid of frizz, inevitable by the sea? Why not carry Micro Flat from Efalock with you? You will be able to do your last minute touch-ups for an impeccable hairstyle on D-Day.

On the brush side, the Denman D3 is an easy-to-carry classic. This brush makes detangling considerably easier.

Denman D3

Rule number 4: on my essentials I will bet.

The microfiber towel , the satin nightcap or the spray bottle to refresh your hair between two dives in the pool. These daily essentials do not represent a huge bulk and meet essential needs, even on vacation: protect and moisturize your hair .

Here you are with a full suitcase! By following these few tips, you guarantee your frizzy or curly hair a safe return from vacation. Moisturizing, nourishing and protecting your hair is essential, especially in summer when there are many external aggression factors (wind, sun, salt, chlorine).

Go one last little tip for the road: quickly adopt the Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist by Flora & Curl . This spray refreshes and hydrates your curls by delicately perfuming them. It will quickly become your new beauty gesture, to end your sunny summer day.

Did you like this article? Find our blog article on the maintenance of frizzy hair in summer .

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