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This appendix specifies the conditions for awarding commissions for the Colorful Black affiliate program, also known as the sponsorship program and more commonly “Colorful Family”, as well as the definition of key terms.

A standard commission of up to 5% is granted to the godfather or godmother on the products purchased from his or her godchild.

The discount granted to those around you is fixed at 5% via an affiliate link or a referral code (2 ways to benefit from the offer which are not cumulative). This discount applies to a first order placed on the Colorful Black e-shop exclusively (total order amount excluding shipping costs).

Note that coaching (group workshop and individual support) cannot benefit from a discount and therefore from a commission.

You can follow the evolution of your kitty from your account in the "Home" tab, "Summary" insert, "Earnings" box. These gains can be consumed during your purchases on the e-shop exclusively and this in the form of credit.

Definition of terms


    From your account, in the "Home" tab, at the level of the "Summary" insert, you will have access to a detailed report on your activity as a godfather or godmother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Affiliate link

    Share your link with those around you to give them a 5% discount on their online purchases exclusively. This is 1 affiliate link for 1 person for 1 first order on . You can change the link extension in the "Settings" tab. In this case, be sure to make the right choice so that when shared it remains valid over time.

    Referral code (designated discount code in the tool)

    Another way to give those around you a 5% discount on their purchases. Use the generated referral code or change it to a custom code. Ditto, be sure to make the right choice in order to maintain the period of validity of the latter. Likewise, it is 1 referral code for 1 person for 1 first order on .

    Note that these 2 types of discounts are not intended to be shared on online discount sites. If this is the case, this would invalidate the amount of the prize pool generated. We thank you for your understanding.

    Colorful Black reserves the right to update this appendix without notice. Last update: May 6, 2021.

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