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Colorful Black revendeur officiel de la marque Curls

Colorful Black official retailer of the Curls brand

The Curls brand was born in California in 2002.

Its creator, Mahisha Dellinger has developed a line of effective products of exemplary quality in terms of ingredients (mostly 100% natural ingredients). Thus, Curls quickly became a reference for people with curly or frizzy hair.

Mahisha Dellinger - CEO and founder of Curls

Today, the brand covers almost all hair needs and is aimed at all ages:
- Curls for adults (brand that concerns us here)
- Curly Q's for children (from 3 years old)
- It's a Curl for babies

To facilitate your discovery of the Blueberry Bliss range from Curls at Colorful Black, below is a suggested restorative routine.

STEP 1: Wash

The basis of everything: clean hair!

  1. Start with the Reparative Hair Wash shampoo to rid your scalp and lengths of impurities while fortifying them.
  2. Apply the Reparative Hair Mask to repair your dry and damaged curls.

STEP 2: Styling

Your hair needs to be perfectly hydrated and detangled after shampooing, you can style it as you wish.

  1. Your moisturizing base will be the Reparative Leave-in Conditioner
  2. Your choice of styling cream Twist-N-Shout Cream for your protective hairstyles, gel to flatten and bring shine Curl Control Paste as well as jelly to define your curls Curl Control Jelly
OBIA Naturals disponible chez Colorful Black

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