Easy Pouss - Stimulgom Scalp Massaging Brush - Black

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<p>Give your scalp a moment of relaxation and care with the <strong>Stimulgom</strong> brush from <strong>Easy Pouss</strong>.</p>

<p>With its spikes, this brush stimulates the scalp to maintain its good health.</p>

<p>Use the <strong>Easy Pouss Stimulgom</strong> brush to gently massage your scalp in circular motions. Ideal for applying scalp treatments like oils, shampoos and serums.</p>

<p>Color = black</p>

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Massaging your scalp will become an essential part of your hair care routine with the Stimulgom scalp massage brush from Easy Pouss. A brush with soft pins to respect the fragility of your scalp and facilitate the application of specific treatments.

Easy to hold with its round shape and ergonomic handle, the Stimulgom brush by Easy Pouss is very pleasant to use and especially effective in the treatment of scalp problems. Dandruff, dead skin, itching... Where finger massage is insufficient, the Stimulgom brush from Easy Pouss keeps its promises and helps you eliminate these problems.

By using the Stimulgom brush from Easy Pouss, you stimulate your scalp which improves blood circulation. Better irrigated, the epidermis of the scalp renews itself more quickly. Your scalp is healthier and becomes a breeding ground for healthier and stronger growth.

Keep the Easy Pouss Stimulgom scalp massaging brush handy to apply your shampoos, oils and serums directly to the scalp. More effective than fingers with its fine pimples, this brush will allow a deeper application of products.

  1. Apply your treatment to the scalp and take the scalp massage brush between your fingers using the tip.
  2. Lightly rotate on the scalp for three minutes each time you use it.
Can be used without product to relieve itching or for a simple relaxing massage.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Veronique L.
Very well

I use when I apply my care or during my shampoo.
No regrets.

Very pleasant

I don't know if my hair will really grow faster, but just for the relaxation that the massage provides, I recommend this product!

Katherine R.

Very good, soft brush that I use to stimulate the skin of my scalp. But also to take off everything that is film-coated, dead skin, residue....
You can also use it in the shower😊

Sophia c.
Very pleasant

nothing to say, very pleasant brush to use for the application of hair serums and shampoos. Achieves an effective scalp massage without irritating. I recommend

nora j.

Easy Pouss - Stimulgom Brush - Black

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